Check the Website for Heartbleed errors using the Chrome browser

Check the Website for Heartbleed errors using the Chrome browser

The Heartbleed error has appeared recently, causing a lot of confusion for users and advice for you is not to log into your account on these erroneous websites, especially to perform online transactions on bank accounts. .. The following article ElectrodealPro will guide you how to check for Heartbleed errors by Google Chrome.

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Heartbleed is a serious error in the privacy of users’ data, it is also known as the “bleeding heart” Your personal information: Accounts, passwords, credit cards, .. On the faulty Heartbleed websites it could be the hands of the hacker. Therefore, you should not access the faulty websites and have not been fixed by the provider. But how can I know which Website does not have the Heartbleed error?

Instructions to check if the Website is faulty Heartbleed by Chrome browser

To check the Website with Heartbleed error on Google Chrome you need to download and install the Chromebleed extension on the browser. You can download Chromebleed Here.

Step 1: Install Chromebleed on the browser Google Chrome by clicking Free

Step 2: A new dialog box appears, click Add to add Chromebleed to the browser

Step 3: After adding Chromebleed to Google Chrome is finished, restarting the browser, we see the extension’s icon appear on the upper right as shown below.

Step 4: To use Chromebleed to check whether any website has Heartbleed errors or not, you visit the website address on Chrome. Immediately a message appears telling you if the site is safe?

– For example, ElectrodealPro access, immediately notice as shown below. This means this Web site is safe from the Heartbleed bug.

So with the steps above detailed instructions, you can easily check any website for Heartbleed error with Chromebleed utility on Google Chrome browser. This way you will know which website is highly secure and no longer worry that your personal information could be leaked to the outside.
In case the website is no longer secure, if you want to register another website name, you should check domain name before buying.


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