Check out the 12 most exotic towns in the world
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Check out the 12 most exotic towns in the world

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Each city, every town in the world has its own characteristics. However, there are some places so special that it is hard to imagine that they actually exist.

Here it is 12 most exotic towns in the world. They will be a great suggestion for you if you are preparing for an exciting trip. Invite you to consult!

12. Town where you can’t die

A town where you can't die© BIOS / EAST NEWS © Bjørn Christian Tørrissen © Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

Longyearbyen town, Svalbard is one of the northernmost settlements of the world – where you cannot die. This town has a cemetery but it has not been in use for over 70 years.

The simple reason is because the climate here is very cold, that is why the dead body will not decompose, attracting wildlife, so the dying are transported by plane to the land. immediately in Norway for burial.

11. Towns in both countries

The town belongs to both countries

The town belongs to two countries© Prekario / wikipedia © Davidmoerike / wikipedia © olinchuk / depositphotos

A town that belongs to both countries seems to be a fairly common phenomenon, but town of Büsingen am Hochrhein still become “very strange“In many different ways. Economically, this place is part of Switzerland but administratively it is under German jurisdiction.

  • This is the only German town in use The Swiss franc is the main currency.
  • There is coming two postal codes here: one from Switzerland and one from Germany.
  • Citizens here use both phone numbers for these two countries. In an emergency, often the Swiss police always come first. Busingen people are allowed to work and own property in Switzerland even though they do not have Swiss citizenship. German citizens living in Busingen for more than 10 years will be granted the equivalent license for Swiss citizens.
  • FC Büsingen is the only German team to participate in the Swiss championship.

10. “Hell” town

"Hell" town© Rebecca Cook/reuters © Rebecca Cook/reuters © David Ball/wikipedia

The state of Michigan, USA is where you can find it Hell town (Hell). The people here are also unsure of the origin why the town has such a special name but still maintained it for many years.

Most tourists coming to the town are eager to take pictures with the “Welcome to Hell – Welcome to Hell”, While in souvenir shops they sell hell land contracts for $ 6.66 / m2.

9. A famous Austrian tourist town in the heart of China

Austria's famous tourist town in the heart of China© Tyrone Siu/reuters © Hanno Böck/wikimedia © chensiyuan/wikimedia © Zairon/wikimedia

The Chinese are famous for making counterfeit versions of anything in the world. Not a simple electronic product, but a famous Austrian tourist town in the heart of China to help people not have to go far. They decided to build replicas the village of Hallstatt here.

The church was built first, followed by the streets and houses that looked exactly like the originals. And the interesting thing is, Land prices in China’s Hallstatt are even more expensive than those in Austria’s Hallstatt.

8. Free town

Free town© Marc Cooper/flickr © Jesse!S?/flickr © John Roney/flickr

Slab City, a town in California populated mainly with retirees and wanderers with nowhere to go. Residents here live in trailers and the space is “patch up“Full of spontaneity. No water, no electricity and addresses, public utilities and taxes and rent. All of this sounds very inconvenient, but many people living here think that they feel really comfortable with it. Residents of Slab City call their city “Ultimate free city in America”.

7. Town underground

Town underground

Matmata© Panegyrics of Granovetter/flickr © Bo&Ko/flickr © Arian Zwegers/flickr

Matmata is a small village located in the south of Tunisia. Since ancient times, local people have had a custom of living in houses that are dug deep underground. Typical structures of underground houses are dug large vertical pits. Around the pit, artificial caves are built which are divided rooms with many paths linked together to form large underground mazes. Thanks to these unique cave houses, the people of Matmata escape the sultry heat of African summer.

Although houses on the ground were built in 1970, many locals still prefer to live in traditional houses. If you are fan of Star Wars, will surely recognize this place as the hometown of Luke Skywalker.

6. The whole town lives in the same building

The whole town lives together in one building

Whittier town, Alaska© mcornelius/depositphotos © Jessica Spengler/wikipedia © Eli Duke/flickr

220 residents of the town of Whittier, Alaska (USA) live in a 14-storey apartment building once owned by the military. In addition to the residential apartments, the building also houses a police station, a medical station, a shop, a laundry and a church.

The reason for the whole town to live together in one roof is to save on heating because the weather here is very cold and there are strong winds all year round. The only way to get into town is to go by sea or tunnel through the mountain with only one way at a time. The cellar is closed at night.

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5. The town is green

The town is blue© Black Lion / flickr © wikipedia © East News

Entire walls, doors or even stairs at Beautiful town Chefchaouen, Morocco are all painted blue. There is a legend that they were painted by the Jews – the inhabitants who lived here. And blue is the color they worship.

4. Alien town

Alien town

Roswell Town, New Mexico© TRIPPLAAR KRISTOFFER/SIPA/EAST NEWS © Phil Campbell/wikipedia © Str Old/reuters

In 1947, an alien creature – UFO falling close Roswell town, New Mexico. This remains a subject of debate, but Roswell became known as “Alien City – alien city“.

Every year in this town, there are festivals with the theme of extraterrestrial creatures. Even McDonald’s here is also decorated with images of aliens.

3. Town on the sea

Town on the sea© © NASA / wikipedia © Interfase

Oil stones there is “Oil Rocks“, Is an industrial town in Azerbaijan. The town is located on an oil field in the middle of the sea and is completely uninhabited. However, each year there are about 2,000 workers here.

2. Town in the rock

Town in the rock

The town of Setenil de las Bodegas© José Luis Sánchez Mesa / flickr © Andrei Dimofte / wikipedia © Falconaumanni / wikipedia

The town of Setenil de las Bodegas Spain attracts visitors from all over the world – possibly because it was built underneath a large basalt rock.

Here, there are streets where you can see rocks instead of the sky. It always felt like those rocks were about to fall, but in reality they have been as stable for centuries.

1. A town with more dead than living

Towns have more dead than living

Colma town© Seattleretro/wikipedia © Zelda/wikipedia © colmahistory

The town of Colma is located in California, with 17 cemeteries. In fact, there are more deaths here than there are people living in a thousand!

The reason for this strange thing is because the government once decided to move all the cemeteries near San Francisco here.
The town’s population consists only of flower growers and memorial makers. The town’s current motto is “It’s great to still live in Colma!”.

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