Check out Ready or Not movie trailer: Live and make strawberry
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Check out Ready or Not movie trailer: Live and make strawberry

Fox Searchlight has just released an impressive trailer of horror movie Ready or Not, promising to raise the definition of strawberry to a new level. The film scene turns her husband's house into a battlefield, her husband's family becomes an enemy; Enough for you to realize that being rich in a bride's husband's house is not yet happy.

Future life with husband's family is always a problem that makes brides worry. Grace (Samara Weaving) is no exception, especially when her husband-in-law's house is cracked down, not knowing how strict the new bride will be. Grace had the opportunity to witness her husband's "ritual" right on the wedding night. Traditionally, new members of the family will have to join a game, if they win, Grace will be welcome, if she loses, she will watch radishes from under three feet of land. Grace's game is a hide-and-seek, and the Le Domas family's splendid mansion turns into a bloody playground.

Ready or Not is produced by Fox and released by Disney, is expected to be released in theaters on August 23rd.


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