Check for Viruses and Malware with herdProtect

Check for Viruses and Malware with herdProtect

The more advanced technology also means that the virus checking tools are also available, but the powerful malware for the computer is herdProtect software.

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Is a tool check for viruses quite effective, unlike other software that only scans for viruses and malware in some files and folders. herdProtect can scan all viruses in the entire computer. And it can be said that this is an easy to use part because the interface is quite simple with the function of detecting viruses and malware.

check for viruses and virus detection with herdProtect

How to check for viruses and malware with herdProtect

Step 1: First to use, you download the software herdProtect

Then install the program

Step 2: Please note that this is a virus checking and detection software to scan for viruses and malware, but herdProtect does not have anti-virus effect and gives warning if it detects spyware or other malicious software. Adware is available on your computer.

After the installation is complete the interface of herdProtect appears

detects virus and virus version

The interface of the software is quite easy to use, just press the button Scan you can scan for viruses and check for malware on your computer.

The virus scanning process goes through 5 phases: Process, Criticals, Cloud Connect, Analyze, Results. Usually the scan takes place quite quickly, but it usually depends on the files on your computer as well as the speed of your internet connection.

If you want to stop the virus scan, just press the “Stop Scan

check and detect virus for computer

Once the virus scan is complete, the result is displayed, where it shows the files, processes and startup items scanned during the process.

virus detection and second reading solution

It can be said that the herdProtect virus check and scan program is a pretty good software to detect malware affecting your computer.

Moreover, this software is also integrated on operating systems such as: XP / 7/8 / Vista

Because it is a pretty good and free software, you should not hesitate to see how powerful herdProtect is.

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