Cheaper, but the MacBook Air 2019 also comes with a slower SSD than 2018 - Photo 1.

Cheaper, but the MacBook Air 2019 also comes with a slower SSD than 2018

Recently, Apple has officially launched the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air series to welcome the upcoming school year. In particular, the MacBook Air 2019 witnessed a very light upgrade of the hardware when equipped with a screen that supports True Tone (adjusting the color temperature similar to the surrounding environment) and the new butterfly wing keyboard is more durable.

However, the most noticeable change of MacBook Air 2019 is the selling price: from 1199 USD last year, the new version of this machine is now reduced to 1099 USD, thereby helping users more accessible.

With reduced prices, Apple was forced to cut something. And recently, the first owners of the 2019 MacBook Air discovered that its SSD speed was slower than the old version.

Specifically, according to the testing of French technology website Consomac with Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test software, The 256GB version of the MacBook Air 2019 has a read / write speed of 1.3GB / s and 1GB / s respectively. Previously, with the same test, the MacBook Air 2018 achieved speeds of 2GB / s and 920MB / s. Thus, the SSD of MacBook Air 2019 has a slightly faster writing speed, but the reading speed is significantly reduced.

Fortunately, the low-capacity version (128GB) of the MacBook Air is not affected by this situation. Through testing, the MacBook Air 2019 128GB achieved read / write speeds of 1.3GB / s and 500MB / s respectively, unchanged from the 2018 version.

Although the MacBook Air 2019 SSD is slower, users will find it difficult to recognize the difference in daily tasks, since the read speed of 1.3GB / s is already very high.

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