This is Vsmart Bee: Vingroup's upcoming super cheap Smartphone, revealed by Vingroup itself - Photo 2.

Cheap smartphone coming soon of Vingroup

Previously, Vsmart had announced that it would launch 10 smartphones in 2019. So far 7 months have passed, but we still have not seen the appearance of any new Vsmart machines. However, this seems to change in the near future, when recently the information and the first image of an unreleased Vsmart smartphone has been officially revealed. More interestingly, this image was leaked by Vingroup within.

Recently, officials and employees working in Vingroup received information that they will be given a Vsmart smartphone on the anniversary of the company's founding. The smartphone that Vingroup gave to employees, is not unexpected, is a product from Vsmart brand – and specifically Vsmart Bee. It is worth mentioning that Vsmart Bee is an unreleased product.

The following is an excerpt of the message that Vingroup sends to our staff:

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the founding of the Group (August 8, 1993 – August 8, 2019), to acknowledge the positive contributions of the staff, the Chairman of the Group has decided:

1. Giving gifts to employees of the Group, in particular: Each employee is awarded 01 Vsmart Brand Bee Phone, with elegant design, fashion and superior and friendly use features.

2. Subjects of gift giving: All employees completed the probationary period and signed the official labor contract at 08/08/2019.

In parallel with the name, we have also obtained the image and configuration information of this machine. Vsmart Bee is Vingroup's cheapest smartphone ever, even cheaper than the 2 million Vsmart Joy announced by the company in late 2018.

Because Vsmart Bee is a cheap model, so its configuration is not impressive. Specifically, this machine is equipped with:

– MediaTek MT6739 chip


– 16GB internal memory

– Main camera: 8MP

– Extra camera: 5MP

– Screen 5.45 inch HD + resolution

– Battery 2500mAh

– Support for 4G

Vsmart Bee has also appeared on the Geekbench benchmark tool with matching configuration information. Specifically, the device achieved 578 single-point and 1450 multi-core points.

Vsmart Bee's design is made entirely of plastic. It has two color versions of Graphite Gray (dark gray) and Blue (blue).

This is Vsmart Bee: Vingroup's upcoming super cheap Smartphone, revealed by Vingroup itself - Photo 3.

In addition, in internal documents, Vsmart emphasizes this machine will be available "superior after-sales policy". Most likely, Vsmart Bee will also receive the 18-month warranty as the previous products, longer than most other brands in the market (12 months).

This is not the first time Vsmart has revealed its unreleased product information on its own. Previous models of Vsmart such as Active 1, Active 1+ or Joy 1 before the launch date were leaked through photos taken inside the factory or on its own website.

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