Charlotte Bouchard harassed He wanted to seduce Eugenie Bouchard's sister

Charlotte Bouchard harassed He wanted to seduce Eugenie Bouchard’s sister

The Montrealer accused of harassing Eugenie Bouchard’s sister may say that they were only comments in public publications, the fear they generated in her was very real, the latter testified on Monday. .

“He had posted a photo next to my work. I did not know what he looked like, I was afraid every time someone looked at me for too long in the street, I did not feel safe in Montreal, ”said Charlotte Bouchard, Monday, at the trial of Danny Arsenault .

Arsenault, 42, faces charges of harassment and harassing communications against the sister of tennis player Eugenie Bouchard. From 2014 to 2017, the Montrealer would have used several pseudonyms to flood the Instagram page of the young woman, obviously in the hope of having a relationship with her.

A photo of him without a mask.

Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin

A photo of him without a mask.

He could write up to 150 comments under a post, sometimes in increments of 50 at a time. Some comments included sweet words, while others were much more explicit.

“It was very obsessive, sometimes delusional, like when he told me to bring milk when I got home,” said Ms. Bouchard. It was also very sexual at times. “

Charlotte Bouchard.  Complainant

Photo Chantal Poirier

Charlotte Bouchard. Complainant

The woman has since left Montreal to work as an artistic director in London, so she testified by videoconference.

He woos “

While reading the messages on Monday, Arsenault was caught giggling. Warned by a special constable, the accused apologized, saying “to be ashamed”.

But that shame didn’t seem to stop him from hinting that he had done nothing wrong, since he was writing under public posts, not private messages.

“I woo girls in my own way, he told investigators in February 2018. I tried my hand with a lot of stars, I was clear, honest, in order to seduce. “

And if he had stopped writing to Ms. Bouchard, it is because he “gave up” after all these years.

“I invested too much in this relationship,” he said, suggesting that he felt like he had created a relationship with the woman.

Arsenault defends himself alone. He could testify today. Despite a psychiatric history, he said he did not want to bring mental health into his case.


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