Charlie Hebdo The trial of the attacks will resume on Monday

Charlie Hebdo The trial of the attacks will resume on Monday

The trial of the 2015 attacks in Paris will resume on Monday after a three-week hiatus, despite the persistent indisposition of its main defendant, the national anti-terrorism prosecution announced on Thursday.

Ali Riza Polat, a Franco-Turk on trial for “complicity” in terrorist crimes, tested positive for COVID-19 on October 31, which resulted in the trial being suspended.

This suspension had been extended until at least November 23, Mr. Polat, imprisoned in a Parisian prison, still presenting “digestive disorders” incompatible with his presence in the box of the accused.

The accused was once again examined Thursday by a doctor, who concluded that his state of health still did not allow him to appear at the hearing “but that his participation by videoconference is however possible”, indicated the president of the court, Régis de Jorna, in a message made public by the anti-terrorism prosecution.

The magistrate therefore plans to resort to an order taken Wednesday by the government “authorizing the use of an audiovisual telecommunication means before all criminal courts”, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As a result, the hearings will resume on Monday 23 November at 9:30 am,” the president concluded.

Ali Riza Polat is tried before the special assizes in Paris in the case of the massacre in the editorial staff of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. He faces life imprisonment.

This decision comes despite the appeal of his mother, who requested his hospitalization Thursday because of his “worrying” state of health.

“The health and life of Ali Riza Polat are threatened”, writes his mother in her statement consulted by AFP, also regretting that her son is “deprived of health care which is a fundamental right (…) “.

“I am outraged that a Keeper of the Seals (Éric Dupond-Moretti, Editor’s note) who has spent a large part of his life as a defense lawyer dares to sponsor a text that will deprive defendants in an assize trial of their rights defense, ”lambasted Me Isabelle Coutant Peyre, who defends Ali Riza Polat.


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