Charlevoix in 2019 Homophobic assault: the accused pleads guilty


The young man accused of assaulting designer Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert and his spouse in Charlevoix in the summer of 2019 has finally pleaded guilty. Nicolas Hardy admitted his guilt to a charge of common assault.

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Initially, he was charged with assault causing bodily harm. He therefore receives a suspended sentence. He will have to serve two years of probation and complete 150 hours of community service.

When he last appeared, crown and defense attorneys hinted that a deal could come up. It is therefore a joint suggestion of the two parties which was proposed and accepted by the judge.

Among the elements that weighed in the balance, the lawyers in the case explained that it is difficult to prove that the 29-year-old man actually caused the serious injuries presented by the victim. Other suspects, who could not be identified given the many contradictory versions, are also believed to have played an important role in this violent event.

According to them, Nicolas Hardy did not give the victim the first blow, a violent head butt.

Also, the accused has, of his own volition, recently consulted an organization that helps men control their impulsiveness and anger.

Real homophobic aggression?

The assault occurred on the night of August 23 to 24, 2019, near the bar Le Jazz. Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert was in the company of her husband when they saw a person receiving homophobic insults. They decided to leave the facility and that’s when three men chased after them to beat them.

The designer had to undergo surgery on his face to treat fractures. He and his partner both suffered concussions. The couple had denounced on social networks having been the victim of a homophobic assault, which had aroused indignation throughout Quebec and Canada.

The court confirmed the homophobic nature of the initial attack. However, this is not the case with regard to the actions taken by Nicolas Hardy.

The accused apologized and admitted his wrongs. However, he assured that he has no contempt for homosexuals and that this is not what provoked his excess of anger.

Reaction of the victim

Contacted by our news service, Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert said he was relieved that this case finally knows an outcome. However, he remains disappointed that all those who have truly committed acts of a homophobic nature are neither accused nor punished.

“I’m more or less satisfied with the end of this story. Although the court ruled that a homophobic crime would have started the ball, the investigation and the 27 testimonies could not “identify” the other people mentioned in the story. Homophobia has no place in today’s society, ”he laments.

As for the lack of evidence on the injuries that Nicolas Hardy actually inflicted on him, he also remains upset. “Clearly, it wasn’t a head butt that gave me two concussions and three fractures in my face, it was Nicolas’s kicks. And, for an investigation which lasted a year and a half, where are the others if it is not him? ” he asks himself.

Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert assures us that he is now much better, even if he retains consequences. “Physically and mentally, I am not 100% well, I still have a lot of trouble with concentration,” he says.

If he says he will now try to turn the page, he remains in reflection on the continuation of this deplorable story. “I accept Nicolas’ apologies, and I hope that he and his family can live in peace,” he concludes.



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