Charges of a sexual nature Dominique Laroche officially appeared

Charges of a sexual nature Dominique Laroche officially appeared

Arrested under a warrant at the beginning of June in connection with charges of a sexual nature, then released on a promise to appear in September, former freestyle skier Dominique Laroche has brought forward his appearance.

The 60-year-old resident of Lac-Beauport, however, did not appear at the Quebec City courthouse, having instead chosen to be represented by his lawyer Me Stéphanie Pelletier-Quirion.

Let us recall that Laroche faces a total of six charges, including sexual assault, sexual contact and invitation to sexual touching on a minor, in addition to sexual contact and incitement to sexual touching, while he was in a position of authority.

13-year period

The events for which he is accused allegedly occurred between 2007 and 2020, and they involve an alleged victim.

Following the arrest of the former skier, the Sûreté du Québec informed that at the time of the alleged victimization, the alleged victim was a minor and that the actions taken against her would have continued until adulthood. .

Retired from freestyle skiing, the accused had since been a real estate broker, and his arrest sent shock waves through the staff of the agency for which he worked.

The director general of the real estate agency had also informed the Newspaper that all of Laroche’s activities had been canceled within the agency and that the accused’s license to practice was now suspended and that he would be revoked if found guilty.

Laroche will return to court on August 25.


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