Charges Dropped Camara's Relatives Call for an Apology

Charges Dropped Camara’s Relatives Call for an Apology

Those close to Mamadi Fara Camara could not help but cry out in relief and applaud his release on Wednesday, they who were convinced of his innocence.

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“We knew it wasn’t that kind of person. We were dumbfounded by his arrest, ”said one of his friends in front of journalists’ cameras, but who did not want to give his identity.

On Wednesday, they were nearly twenty of his relatives to be at the Montreal courthouse to support him. Several mentioned that they still do not understand how he could have committed such an act.

“She’s a person involved in the community, who studies and gives a course,” Manson Condé said.

Another described him as a “simple, respectful man of exemplary kindness”, while his stepfather praised his son-in-law’s qualities.

“Major development”

In the afternoon, Mr. Camara’s family and friends were informed by defense lawyer Cédric Materne that a “major development” was to be announced in the case, without further details.

For nearly two hours, they waited anxiously to learn more. Hearing that he was released from all accusations, several relatives raised their arms to the sky, looking victorious, while others wiped away tears of relief.

Several of the relatives mentioned in Newspaper that they hoped that the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) would make an official apology to Mamadi Fara Camara.

“It had been from the beginning that he claimed his innocence to the police, they never listened to him,” said one of his friends.

The SPVM did not respond to our interview request.

“I expect that light will be shed quickly on what happened. […] We must have clear answers on what happened in order to preserve the public’s confidence in police work, ”declared the mayoress of Montreal, Valérie Plante, admitting“ troubled ”by the situation.

– With Clara Loiseau


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