Chapter Nine, Celeste's free DLC, has more than 100 levels!

Chapter Nine, Celeste's free DLC, has more than 100 levels!

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Celeste, the screen-based adventure game of each "Game of the Year" campaign, will receive a free expansion pack Chapter Nine with more than 100 levels!

Celeste, horizontal screen adventure game is rated as one of the best games of 2018, has been "father" Matt Thorson announced the first expansion pack of the game will be released soon.

This extension package has a name Chapter Nine, including more than 100 meticulous studios performed for weeks. More specifically, this extension package will be completely FREE!

However, Matt Thorson said the studio Matt Makes Games will not be able to bring the launch date specifically to everyone at the present time, due to Chapter Nine It also needs to be better developed and he is not sure that the studio will be completed on time, if notified in advance.

He answered on Twitter that the studio missed some of the goals they set for development Chapter Nine, so the launch time is still left open.

Celeste is a 2018 indie "phenomenon", developed by an independent game studio, using simple pixel graphics but eye-catching and challenging but attractive horizontal screen play.

Games at launch have quickly received a lot of positive reviews from critics and players.

At the end of 2018, Celeste sold over 500,000 copies worldwide.

Celeste is currently available on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC for $ 19.99.

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