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‘Chantobaegi’ Lee Chan-won, the best stage is the best character


Lee Chan-won is a quite unique participant even if you look at all the survivals that have been conducted on various broadcasts.

That’s because the stage he showed itself was a participant who became a nickname, but in such a case it’s very rare.

His representative nickname’Chantobaegi’ is a compound word of Lee Chanwon’s’Chan’ and his stage’Jintobaegi’ on’Mr. Trot’.

The fact that the flower of survival is a contest has already been proven through several survivals, but nonetheless, cases like Lee Chan-won are very rare.

Some citizens even call him “Mr. Chantobaegi” when they call him, and this is a prime example of how much he is united with this nickname. Even the abbreviation for him is not’chan’ or’won’ but’to’.

Looking back on idol survival, especially the’Produce 101′ series, one of the things that fans care about most when selling my trainees is character sales.

No matter how few my trainees and my idols appear, I try to capture something in some way, and even if there are few parts in the contest, I try to pull something out of it.

It happened because I learned enough after going through several survivals that it is easy to get a topic and encourage voting when the character sales are good.

Therefore, regardless of the skills of my trainees, the trainees’ fandom, which has a certain size of fandom, is quite active in character sales. Trainees whose vocals are the main, trainees whose dance is the main, trainees whose visuals are the main, and the trainees whose artistic ability is the main fandom are all jumping into the’character sales war’.

That is why the modifiers that were born are words such as’NN man’,’Human NN’, and’NN Pick of Confidence’.

On the other hand, Lee Chan-won’s case can be said to be a very clear case that tells the fact that’if you do well on the stage, there is no need for fans to go out and do character sales.’

Even if no one in particular took the lead, the formula of’Jin-to-bae-gi’ was established among viewers when Lee Chan-won made it, and his nickname became’Chan-to-bae-gi’ by itself no matter how or what he did in the fandom.

Chanwon Lee’s case gives more implications to idol survival than trot survival.

Idol Survival is not a broadcast that is lined up with skills, so there is more room for raising the rankings and collecting votes with something other than a contest. Even though the main program is a contest, Idol Survival is a program that is very likely to sell my stone with something other than contest ability.

It is idol survival that may exist in various senses, but nonetheless, the precision method is the best to succeed properly.

Lee Chan-won’s popularity now supports this fact well.

tvX Reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo = TV CHOSUN YouTube channel-‘Mr. Trot’ Instagram-‘Pongsungahhakdang’ broadcast capture

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