Channels and CPs are discussing development in this conference. Is the game industry changing?

On April 7, the China Mobile Game Industry Open Cooperation Conference, sponsored by People’s Daily Online, hosted by China Game Industry Research Institute and Jinbao Electronic Audiovisual Publishing Center, and supported by the Game Working Committee of China Music and Digital Association, was held in the New Media Building of Beijing People’s Daily. With the theme of “Grasp new opportunities and seek new development together”, this conference invited representatives from all parties from mobile game research and development, operations and channels to discuss how to create a more open and cooperative industry environment, aiming to stimulate industry innovation vitality and promote the industry Orderly competition to achieve win-win cooperation.

Ao Ran, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, Song Jiali, Deputy Director of the Industry Self-discipline Department of China Federation of Network Social Organizations, Li Qi, Secretary of the Board of People’s Daily Online, Executive Director of Jinbao Electronic Audiovisual Publishing Center, People’s Daily Online Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Peng, and from Tencent, NetEase, Xindong, Bilibili, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, vivo, Zilong Games, Coconut Island Games, TipsWorks, IGG, Little Elephant Big Goose, Changwan Group, Haohai Blue Coast Guest representatives from game industry related companies such as Mengjia Culture, Xuanshi Interactive Entertainment and other game industry related companies attended the conference.

In 2020, the number of game users in China will reach 660 million; the actual sales revenue of the Chinese game market will reach 278.687 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.71%. Mobile games have become the main driver of growth. The actual market sales revenue will be 209.676 billion yuan, a growth rate of 32.61%. , Accounting for nearly 75.24%. The vigorous development of China’s mobile game industry is inseparable from the innovative practices of front-line practitioners.

In this conference organized by People’s Daily Online, channels and CPs gathered to talk face-to-face, which was rare before. Now is an opportunity for the entire game industry to change generations. Whether it is game development, distribution, channels, and even players and markets, all are changing. undoubtedly provides a good opportunity for exchanges and cooperation. In the keynote speech session of the conference, representatives from game development, operation and channels shared their experiences.

Bo Jingen, head of Tencent’s game channel business, said that Chinese game users’ demand for high-quality games is constantly being highlighted, and user rationality and maturity are constantly improving. While producing content, Tencent is also enhancing emotional interaction with users and establishing emotional connections with users earlier. At the same time, Bo Jingen believes that with the further deepening of 5G and other technologies and concepts in the Chinese game industry, the future game industry has more room for imagination and will also usher in new development opportunities.

Xindong CEO TapTap founder Huang Yimeng said in a speech that there are channels to compare himself to a supermarket, and he thinks this analogy is particularly reasonable. He believes that if the channel is a supermarket, then all the same products should not be divided at 50% of the income. Considering the different costs of different products, different audiences, and different brand influences, prices should be discussed case by case. And as long as the market is open, a reasonable commercial balance will be obtained in the end. Unless the supermarket itself is a monopoly and does not allow residents to go to other supermarkets or convenience stores to buy things, in that case it is possible to force a fixed proportion of revenue, which will actually pass on the price to consumers, ultimately harming the entire industry Healthy development. Finally, Huang Yimeng said that on the basis of respecting the free choice of users, game developers, game communities, platforms, and hardware manufacturers maintain a win-win cooperation and mutual achievement is the best way to promote the long-term and healthy development of the industry. Hope to join forces with all parties in the industry chain to go global together and continue to develop in the direction of open cooperation.

Zhang Jie, deputy general manager of Huawei Game Center, introduced Huawei’s overall strategy for consumer-oriented business in his speech, and revealed that Huawei has been building high-quality global channels in the past two years. In addition, Huawei Game Center is also continuing to make efforts to build original content and columns, and promote new scenarios and new technology applications for all categories of games through physical innovation studios. Zhang Jie said that Huawei will continue to strengthen its ability to build games overseas to allow more developers to succeed here.

In recent years, minors are indulging in online games, the quality of game product content needs to be improved, some companies ignore social benefits and even the value orientation deviations are still restricting the healthy development of the game industry. How to promote the standardized and healthy development of the game industry and help game companies better fulfill their social responsibilities has also become the focus of this conference.

In the round table dialogue session of the conference, a number of guest representatives from the industry conducted thought collisions and in-depth discussions around the theme of “embrace innovation, cooperation and openness”. The guests unanimously agreed that attention should be paid to the protection of minors, and a more active and healthier gaming ecosystem should be created; all parties in the industry chain should be promoted to work together to empower the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and stimulate the innovation vitality of the industry.

Nowadays, under the encouragement and guidance of national policies, game companies have the courage to assume social responsibilities, pay attention to the protection of minors, and seek healthy development for themselves while also taking care of their product content and high-quality games. Social effects.

People’s Daily Online stated that the purpose of holding this conference is to build a communication platform for game channels, operating companies, and R&D teams, respect users’ independent choice, promote multi-party cooperation and win-win, jointly empower the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, stimulate industry innovation vitality, and promote the industry Sustainable and high-quality development.

The “Embrace Innovation, Open Cooperation” theme conference hosted by People’s Daily Online has laid a solid foundation for R&D and channels to seek industry development. We have reason to believe that game development and channels can benefit each other, and bring more high-quality game products to players and the market.



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