Change windows icon with IconPackager

Change windows icon with IconPackager

The windows icons make you feel boring. If you don’t mind changing, try IconPackager. You will surely enjoy these icons.

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If in the previous post I have introduced to you how to change icons manually, but there are some of you who prefer to use the software because there are more beautiful icons, then in this article I will guide you. How to change the windows icon icon using IconPackager software.

Change windows icon with IconPackager

Step 1:

Download IconPackager to your computer here: IconPackager

Step 2:

After installing, launch the program, you will see the interface of the software.

The functions for you to create desktop icons are displayed right above the software

To change the icon you just need to adjust the items in the section Include

You select the icons to change at Include such as: Desktop, Folder, … in the inner window will display the categories of icons and styles you want to change, you just need to choose which icon you want. Feel like and Click OK is to complete the change.

So have completed changing the icon for windows with IconPackager. You can also review the article Change desktop icons to see how to manually change.


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