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Change static IP address for Android phone


The use of mobile technology devices is now becoming more popular than ever, but not everyone can control and use these devices effectively. One of the jobs to optimize equipment and optimize the Internet is to set static IP; This article ElectrodealPro transfer to readers the steps to set static IP for Android.

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These technological devices always accompany and require users to have the Internet to maximize its features and applications for life such as work, study as well as entertainment. These devices, when using Wi-Fi wireless lines, sometimes encounter fixed errors such as unsuccessful Wifi connection, or having connected Wifi connection but cannot be used to access the Internet … or users have to change DNS to Facebook … So how can we overcome that situation.

doi ip for android

If the connection to the Internet is faulty on the computer, the user can easily change the IP address or DNS to access some websites, with these mobile devices we can also do Similar to being able to access the network, the solution can come from software Fake IP or can also be done … manually and below is how to set a static IP for Android without software.

Guide to change static IP address for Android phones

Step 1: Select Wi-fi

First you open the Application Menu, and select Settings – Setting.

Set IP for Android

In Settings -> go to Wireless & networks -> select Wi-fi.

doi ip computer for android

Step 2: Select the currently connected Wifi network

In Wifi settings -> You will see a list of Wifi networks displayed

install google dns for android

Step 3: Fix, set static IP for Android

Click on the Wi-Fi network that is in use and hold for a few seconds, then the form panel will appear -> choose to fix the network.

doi ip for android

In this section of network modification, the form requires a password re-type if in the case of a Wi-Fi network there is a change in the password. -> choose to go to Advanced Options.

doi ip for android

In the form will appear more functions, you choose to go to IP settings and select Static IP.

doi ip for android

Next, we can change the ip address to suit login, connect to the Wifi Internet and modify the DNS address to be able to access some websites they request to change.
doi ip for android

After changing and modifying, we choose Save. So TaimienPhi.Vn instructed you to change the IP address of your device to Static IP address and change DNS to access some websites that the network cannot connect to. Also if you are using Firefox, you can refer to the instructions Proxy change in Firefox we have done before. Good luck !



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