Chan-won Lee, what is the new meaning of'eo-deok-haengdeok' he refers to  (Fleisuto)

Chan-won Lee, what is the new meaning of’eo-deok-haengdeok’ he refers to (Fleisuto)

What does Chan-won Lee mean by newly reinterpreted ‘evil happiness’?

On the 9th,’Miss & Mr. Trot’ was released on the official app of’Pleaheeristo’.

In the video, Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae were curious about what the meaning of ‘eodeokhaengdeok’ means.

Originally,’Eodeokhaengdeok’ is an abbreviation of’I will do it anyway, let’s do it happily.’ This means that when you are a fan, you should be as happy as possible.

However, Kim Hee-jae and Lee Chan-won did not know this well. When I saw the word, I was a little puzzled.

Meanwhile, Lee Chan-won answered,’Which person should I do to be happy?’

An interpretation that is different from the original meaning, but makes sense and makes sense in its own way. Lee Chan-won’s unique interpretation of ‘Eodeokhaengdeok’ caught the attention of netizens.

The video can be viewed on the official app of’Miss & Mr. Trot’.

On the other hand,’Mr.Trot’ official Instagram side said, “Everyone~~~’Playheeristo’ bulletin board will be opened in the official app of Miss & Mr.Trot!! Just today (2/9) 6:00 pm!!”

“A space where we vote and chat together. Unpublished photos of Heeto that you are waiting for will also be released. In the future, the event will continue to open, so please participate.”

tvX reporter Jeong-beom Lee / Photo =’Miss & Mr. Trot’ official app-‘Play Hee Risto’

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