Chan-won Lee, Chanto's smile and visuals singing confession

Chan-won Lee, Chanto’s smile and visuals singing confession

Chanwon Lee’s visuals and cuteness attract attention.

On the 9th, TV CHOSUN’Mr. Trot’ Instagram posted a photo of trotmen along with an article saying, “Sunny Trotmen and Trotmen who are faint of the fact that it is already a year will continue to sing as they are now.”

Among them, Chanwon Lee is looking somewhere and smiling wide.

His warm visual and smile, who also digested his school uniform, snatched the hearts of fans.

Lee Chan-won boasts a sense of entertainment, excellent momentum, and various common sense and knowledge in various entertainment programs such as’Mr. Trot tomorrow’,’Call Center of Love’,’Pongsungah Hakdang’, and’Pleisuto’.

He was selected as a co-MC for the TV CHOSUN new program’Tuesday Cheongbaekjeon’, which airs for the first time every Tuesday at 10 pm, and is continuing his active side-by-side, receiving recognition for stable progress and storm reactions.

tvX Reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo = TV CHOSUN’Mister Trot’ Instagram

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