Aung La N Sang

Champions tempered from diligence

Aung La N Sang “Burmese Burmese” was named the best sports athlete of all time in Myanmar and a global sports icon thanks to the incredible success he achieved at ONE Championship. As the world’s largest MMA and heavyweight MMA world champion, he became the idol of countless mixed martial arts fans across the planet, the pride of the nation. However, before climbing to the current glory, boxers born in 1985 had to go through a long way.

Love “unilaterally” with sport and the less impressive start

Since childhood, Aung La N Sang has a special interest in sports. But, for him, it was like a unrequited love when not really “charming” with any subject. Sang used to play in many school clubs but his performance was not excellent and there were almost no achievements. “Whether it’s football, volleyball or basketball, we all lose,” “Burmese Burmese” recounted. “We lost in most sports, it really pissed me off. Perhaps we have not practiced well. We don’t know how to reconcile. ”

In 2003, Aung La N Sang left Myanmar to go to college in the US and accidentally found a new passion for sports. Aung La N Sang was introduced to a class of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and loved the martial arts passion ever since, he said. As if finding his life, he officially debuted as a professional heavyweight boxer in May 2005. Not really gifted, the pitch of Aung La N Sang was not very impressive when he was knocked out technically in the first half of the half.

Career turning point

The fact that quickly losing not only does not discourage but also increases determination and enthusiasm with the martial arts career of the rookie guy. “It was that defeat that made me love martial arts even more. Excitement to tremble! I was caught up in it, ”Sang said.“ I continued to practice seriously and gradually improved. And as soon as they said that there was going to be a match, I confidently answered, ‘I’m ready!’ ”.

Aung La N Sang started playing in the middleweight category and won the first half in a row with five matches. It is admirable that he still fulfills his school duties as well as his part-time job to make ends meet.

After graduating from university, Aung La N Sang stayed in the US, working full-time while taking care of the playing career. However, after a while feeling dissatisfied with his current job and realizing that he did not show 100% of his strength on the stage, he ventured to give up a safe wage job to wholeheartedly. wholeheartedly pursuing the dream of becoming a world champion fighter. Since then, Aung La N Sang has collected more and more victories.

Talking about her risky decision, “Burmese Burmese” clearly stated: “Whatever you reap. If you don’t do it, you won’t gain anything. ”

Aung La N Sang

Champion with 10 years of martial arts and historical victory

After nearly 10 years of hard training and winning 15 professional matches, Aung La N Sang participated in the ONE Championship in 2014. Although he was new to ONE Championship, he had already lost four games in a row. in a short time and won a respectable title in the middle class, although he has not reached the championship belt yet.



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