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Challenge the water resistance of AirPods headphones: not inferior to Powerbeats Pro and Galaxy Buds!

Recently, CNET's friends did a water-proof test of AirPods headphones, compared to some of the other competitors, Powerbeats Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds, which, in turn, have water resistance equivalent to the IPX4 standard above. Powerbeats Pro and IPX2 standard on Galaxy Buds. The results were extremely surprising when the AirPods, a true wireless headset without any water-proofing certificates, had survived three tests: sweating, putting in the aquarium and soaking in the washing machine. Meanwhile, a representative of true wireless from Samsung died in one ear, one side was shy after completing the final test of soaking in the washing machine.

On the first test, CNET brought three headphones to the gym, bringing them to their ears one by one and performing a gentle water splashing until the droplets were rolling enough on the headphones. Although it is an easy round of competition for Powerbeats Pro and Galaxy Buds, the AirPods headset has also made a good impression when it has the same resistance as IPX2 (light water droplet shooting).

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At the second test, CNET in turn dropped each of the true wireless pairs into a small fish bowl for 5 seconds and then removed them. They did not forget to note that due to negligence, the AirPods headphones were submerged for up to 7 seconds, a little longer than Powerbeats Pro and Galaxy Buds, but the end result was still great: all three survived and worked. good action.

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Also in the third test is the most difficult challenge, the headphones will be put in the pocket and thrown together with other clothes into the washing machine and under standard washing mode for 30 minutes, submerged and using washing powder. This challenge has left a lot of sequelaes for all three candidates, but Galaxy Buds is the heaviest when one ear is lost, the other ear is shy, the largest volume must be opened to be heard. The AirPods headset after 48 hours of treatment has continued to operate on both ears, but all were slightly shrill. The IPX4 waterbuster rival Powerbeats Pro has excelled in completing the test with no significant damage.

In general, through the CNET test, you can rest assured that the true wireless headphones will withstand the normal conditions of use, no need to be overly anxious or overprotective. Especially for AirPods headphones, the water resistance despite not being certified is a happy plus point for Apple lovers.


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