[CES 2020] JBL introduces the all-new Club and Quantum headset line

The highlight of the world’s leading JBL audio brand at CES 2020 is the introduction of its CLUB line of headphones and its premium gaming headset products. The trio of headphones that make up the CLUB line include: CLUB ONE, CLUB 950NC and CLUB 700BT, which are promoted as a product line inspired by professional design to suit the daily needs of each person.
[CES 2020]  JBL introduces the all-new Club and Quantum headset line

These three headphones will be launched starting in Spring 2020, all with high-resolution audio quality, plus voice assistant capabilities and the ability to connect to the My JBL Headphones app. Support custom audio function.
CLUB ONE over-ear is the most advanced headset in the Club Series product line, priced at around $ 349.95 / £ 329.99. With CLUB ONE, users experience a unique feature – feel the ambient sound and customize it to remove noise appropriately. JBL promises up to 45 hours of use, as well as leather ear cushions and headband can be replaced.

The price of the CLUB 700BT on-ear headset is the lowest in this line, costing $ 149.95 / £ 129.99, while the CLUB 950NC over-ear headset is priced at $ 249.95 / £ 219.99. Of which, only 950NC owns the feature to sense every field / noise cancellation. The use time of 700BT headphones is about 50 hours and 950NC headphones can be up to 55 hours.

All three headsets support Virtual Assistant: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (does not support Siri), Ambient aware and Talk-Thru.

Target gamers

At CES 2020, JBL also launched its brand new products in the field of gaming headsets and PC speakers, all named Quantum. JBL said its sound engineers have worked with many famous international gamers to be able to create sound exactly like in the game. QuantumSURROUND technology is compared to James Bond when compared to other items available in the market thanks to superior spatial sound technology.

The price of the Quantum line of headphones is quite diverse with many choices, starting from $ 39.95 / £ 29.99 for a JBL Quantum 100 headset, the highest being Quantum ONE worth $ 299.95 / £ 229.99 and five headphones others are in the price range. Quantum ONE is the only headset in the series that owns QuantumSPHERE 360 – technology that uses head tracking sensors and algorithms to help gamers hear the sounds created by “enemies” in the game. play.

Most players will choose a headset with a lower price, because Quantum’s price range is aimed at professional gamers. The lowest priced headset in the QuantumSURROUND technology family is the JBL Quantum 300: $ 79.95 USD / £ 69.99. Quantum headsets can be used with Xbox, computers (PC), Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices and VR. In addition, JBL also launched a PC gaming speaker called JBL Quantum DUO, priced at about 149.95 USD / £ 149.99.
All JBL Quantum headphones will begin shipping in April of this year.

According to JBL.


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