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Marketing is one of the most popular fields for students and job seekers today. If you are considering marketing as a career path to pursue, there are a few things you need to learn before you enter this field.

What is marketing?

Marketing is defined as the process of conveying the value of a product or service to a customer, for the purpose of selling that product or service.

It consists of a combination of four elements called 4Ps of Marketing:

(1) identify, select and develop products;

(2) determine product prices;

(3) selecting distribution channels for products to reach customers;

(4) developing and implementing advertising strategies.

Attractive reasons to join the Marketing team

It is a dynamic profession

Marketing is always changing, which means you won’t be stagnant in your career but will be at the forefront of new and exciting trends. This dynamic industry will keep you confident, as you will have to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the sales and technology world. This also provides a challenging environment for those who like to learn new things and handle difficult situations.

You will meet many new people

Being a marketer means you will communicate with many new people on a regular basis from customers, suppliers, and partners. Therefore, if you are a person who can integrate into the crowd, marketing can be a great career choice.

Your creativity will be maximized

If there is one industry where your creativity is most used and accepted, it is Marketing. You will be able to use creative thinking to come up with innovative solutions and campaigns to promote products or services. With creative thinking, you will have the favorable conditions to advance in the field and choose this career that will help your creativity develop more.

Marketing is a very important department for all businesses and industries

Very few businesses do not need marketing, which means you will not have too much difficulty finding a job in this field. This is the answer to the question “Is Marketing easy to apply for a job?” You can work in the marketing department of businesses or work in companies that provide marketing services. Moreover, the Marketing industry will never be outdated, it simply changes to fit the era and lead the trend.

No two working days are the same

If you like diversity in your work, Marketing is a great career choice. You may find yourself thinking about new marketing strategies, posting articles on social networking sites, participating in product image design, attending a new product launch event, or organizing customer conferences … Therefore, one thing is for sure: your next working day will be completely different.

Things you need to get a job in Marketing

The essentials for a successful marketing career include qualification, technical skills and soft skills.

Academic level

Most employers require Marketing staff to have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related fields such as journalism, media, public relations, advertising and business related subjects. When participating in learning about Marketing, you will be equipped with the following knowledge:

– How to launch a marketing campaign from start to finish;

– How to identify different target audiences;

– How to track the data before and after launching the campaign.

If you are looking for a higher role like a Marketing Manager or Manager, a Master of Marketing degree will give you an edge.

Marketing industry how many points? The benchmarking of Marketing in 2019 in some universities is as follows: Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics 24.90, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – HUTECH 18.00, Posts and Telecommunications Institute

Technical skills

Software and background knowledge is also important for Marketer in maintaining a consistent workflow, launching campaigns, tracking campaigns and communicating with clients or team members. These platforms help Marketing staff accomplish their tasks more effectively.

Here are some of the technical skills you need as a marketing staff:

Microsoft Office: Marketing staff needs to create documents, reports or presentations and spreadsheets to organize and communicate complex information. Commonly used tools in the industry such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint will help you to do that quickly and effectively.

Graphic design tools: Ditgital Marketing employees often have an understanding of graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create designs to promote various marketing campaigns.

Content management system: Digital Marketing employees need to use content management systems to create, manage and publish content on web pages.

Social networks: Social networks have become tools to interact with customers from advertising, announcing new products, answering customer questions, promotions … Although social networks have many strengths but also many weaknesses and marketers need to learn to make the most of the advantages and minimize the defects.

Search engine optimization tools: Most employees need to know SEO, how it works and related tools like Google Analytics, to help their products appear on the top of search engines.

Soft skills

To succeed as a marketer, you should learn and develop the following skills:

Organizing and time management skills: Whatever marketing position you choose, you need effective time management and organization skills. You may have to complete multiple projects at the same time. At the same time, your supervisor always wants you to meet deadlines closely. Therefore, you need to learn how to prioritize each task to meet the committed deadline.

Teamwork: Markers are not solitary wolves. They not only need to collaborate with team members but also many other departments such as sales, accounting, IT to complete the projects. Becoming an effective teamwork is an important Marketing skill because teamwork is the difference between a normal company and a successful company.

Creativity: Because Marketing requires unique approaches, creativity is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to participate in this field. In marketing, doing different things is essential to staying competitive. This involves being able to solve problems with new approaches and imagining possibilities that others consider impossible.

Curious and willing to learn. The Marketing landscape is constantly changing and opportunities arise every day for businesses to promote their products in new and exciting ways. But marketers will not be able to seize these opportunities if they do not constantly ask, “What if …?”. Successful marketers are often curious and lifelong learners.

Emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is especially important in Marketing. Marketers with strong emotional intelligence can recognize what interests or frustrates customers and ultimately motivates them to buy.

Emotionally intelligent marketers can also empathize and connect with customers, which can contribute to delivering more impactful messages.

Some common jobs in Marketing

This is the answer for those who have questions about learning marketing.

Marketing Assistant

This is considered an effective arm of the Head of Marketing Department or Manager in planning and implementing marketing campaigns. This role handles many different tasks depending on the company, but usually includes:

– Support in developing and implementing a marketing plan, brand PR, promotions, event activities;

– Analyze monthly business reports and effectiveness of programs;

– Participating in developing and improving market research methods, building a marketing budget plan …

– Support superior to perform clerical and administrative tasks to help the Marketing department work smoothly.

SEO staff (Search engine optimization)

SEO staff is known to carry out activities to improve the ranking of a company’s product / service website on search engines, conduct keyword research, recommend SEO techniques, and site design, analysis and application of site and keyword performance metrics. SEO employees will thrive if they possess strong analytical, critical thinking and programming or technical skills.

Social Media Employee (Social Media Officer)

Social Media employees are responsible for building and managing social media campaigns for their company brand. They create content, manage and monitor advertising campaigns and stay updated on new media trends. The skills for this role include strong oral and written communication, creativity and a deep understanding of social media.

Content Writer

Blogs, ebooks, articles and tutorials are important components of marketing strategies and content writers are their creators. The skills and qualifications required of a content writing staff include writing and editing skills, creativity, research skills and attention to detail.

Digital Marketing staff

Digital Marketing staff works closely with many different marketing positions such as SEO, Social Marketing, Content Writer to monitor the proper implementation of marketing campaigns. They create and monitor campaign deadlines, manage budgets, and coordinate campaigns from start to finish. Therefore, Digital Marketing employees need organizational skills, time management and communication to succeed in this role.

Market research staff

Market research employees conduct customer satisfaction surveys, measuring the performance of Marketing campaigns to identify successful models. They are also responsible for studying the potential campaign difficulties and providing solutions. The main objective of market research is to determine which products or services should and should be sold in which way. The staff in this role are usually good at data analysis, attention to detail and proficiency in advanced technologies.

Event staff

Events are a popular way to interact and entertain customers while creating a sympathetic view of the brand. That’s why companies need event organizers.

Responsibilities of event staff include creating messages, organizing and promoting promotional events. In order to have an event position, you need written communication skills and conversation tools, be ready to work under intense pressure and deadlines, effective organization and negotiation skills.

Where to find Marketing?

You can easily find job positions in Marketing from trainees to employees, managers, managers in provinces and cities at prestigious job sites such as CareerLink.vn.

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