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CEOs Twitter, Facebook, Google will testify in the US Senate on October 28

The Senate Trade Committee asked Facebook, Twitter and Google CEOs to testify on Wednesday amid resentment about the companies censoring many posts. Reporting unfavorable news for former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Senate Trade Committee chairman, Republican Senator Roger Wicker (Mississippi) said that the hearing on October 28 will determine whether the big technology companies (Big Tech) should continue. subject to legal immunity under Article 230 of the Communications Standards Act or whether the law is considered a federal shield for this Big Tech “This is no longer helpful in today’s digital age“.

The witnesses who were reportedly present at the hearing at 10 a.m. on October 28 (US time) were Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.

The aforementioned hearing will be announced at a time when Twitter has taken unusual controls to prevent the spread of New York Post articles on alleged Hunter emails. Biden – son of former Vice President Joe Biden, links the former vice president to his son’s business in Ukraine.

Twitter acted out of bounds by locking the accounts of the New York Post and the Trump campaign, among other officials and journalists, when they tweeted about the New York Post findings regarding Hunter Biden’s emails. Twitter claimed that the New York Post’s article violated Twitter’s rules.

After that, Twitter came down the ladder and announced new policies.

CEO Dorsey on Friday (October 16) tweeted: “Immediately blocking URLs (links to posts) were false, and we updated our policy and made corrections. Our goal is to try to add context [cho các tình huống trong các quy định], and now we are able to do so“.

However, the fact that Twitter’s quick to stop the spread of the New York Post’s unfavorable information about the Biden’s house has caused outrage among Republicans. President Donald Trump and many other Republican officials are calling for the elimination of Article 230 of the Media Standards Act 1996, which states, “Any interactive provider or user of a computer service will not be treated as a publisher or speaker for any information provided by other information content providers.“.

Article 230 has been and is pivotal in the growth of today’s social media giants because this provision, in most cases, allows not only Internet service providers but also Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others are also protected from liability for the content posted by third parties to these social networking platforms. But some critics of this waiver feel that the tech giants should not continue to benefit from the protections afforded by Article 230 if they censor conservative positions, including censorship. The controversial posts of President Trump.

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy (California) on Thursday (October 15) said: “Clearly Article 230 in the present context is no longer effective. Time to get rid of this rule and start rewriting the rule from scratch“.

Foreigners say that Big Tech’s CEOs being summoned to hearings by the Senate Trade Commission on October 28 is probably just the beginning of regulatory changes involving the tech giants.

In related developments, the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday (October 20) will vote on the subpoena for a hearing against CEO Dorsey of Twitter scheduled to take place on Friday (October 23). Republican Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri) is also pushing to summon both Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to attend the hearing on October 23.

Mr. Hawley also wrote to Facebook and Twitter executives to participate in the hearing before the Judiciary Committee on Crime and Terrorism on a set date. The main topic of the hearing will be on election meddling and whether or not social media companies have violated campaign finance laws by suppressing articles criticizing Joe. Biden.

The attempt to rig the election that we see monopolies do today is unprecedented in American history. They have many things to answer ”Senator Hawley said this week.

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