CEO Tim Cook has no fear that China will impose heavy taxes on the iPhone - Photo 1.

CEO Tim Cook has no fear that China will impose heavy taxes on the iPhone

Recently, on the occasion of WWDC 2019 event, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared about the impact of US-China trade war on Apple products. Tim Cook believes that Apple will not suffer from the negative effects of the escalating trade war. He said that Apple products have so far outside the scope of the war and are optimistic that this will continue in the future.

Tim Cook's statement came after the Beijing government recently announced that it could impose a 25% tax increase on US goods in retaliation for plans to raise taxes on imports from China. . If that happens, according to analysts, iPhone prices may rise by 14%.

In an interview with CBS News, Tim Cook said: "China has not targeted Apple and honestly I do not think that will happen". Even so, he admits that if taxed, iPhone sales would fall.

Tim Cook also shared that: "I don't expect it to happen. Many people think that iPhone is made in China. The iPhone is assembled in China. The truth is that the iPhone is made everywhere. So, taxing the iPhone will take photos. it affects all those countries but the most vulnerable country is China ".

President Trump has announced that he will raise taxes from 10 to 25% with goods worth $ 200 billion imported from China and China wants to retaliate against this plan. Many experts in the technology and telecommunications industry believe that the battle between the US and China will hurt consumers and American businesses.

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