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CEO Tim Cook: AirPods Pro is an addition to AirPods, not a replacement

Apple has recently officially launched the new AirPods Pro wireless headset model with many upgrades compared to the previous generation such as active noise support, Transparency mode, water resistance, anti-sweat standard IPX4.

Today, during Apple's fourth quarter financial report, CEO Tim Cook shared something about the introduction of the new AirPods Pro headset and its position in the market compared to the standard AirPods version. .

According to the report, Apple's portfolio of wearables and accessories reached $ 6.5 billion in revenue in Q4 / 2019, including AirPods, Beats headphones and Apple Watch. Regarding AirPods, Tim Cook said Apple will continue to improve and take this product to a new level, not intended to be removed.

While AirPods Pro was not released in time to be included in Apple's Q4 / 2019 earnings report, Tim Cook said that he expects current AirPods owners to be the first to buy the new version:

“I was very nervous seeing customers' reactions to the new AirPod Pro. But I guess that over time those who already own the AirPods will want to own more AirPods Pro for the need to eliminate noise when listening to music. ”

Tim Cook also believes that there will be many customers simultaneously owning both the AirPods and AirPods Pro versions. Although they are quite different in design and features, but overall, these two headsets still have many similarities.

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