Retailer Vietnam recalls Asanzo TV, supports switching to other brand TV - Photo 1.

CEO Asanzo Pham Van Tam wrote a letter to reassure his staff, saying "not to deceive users", "if there is a mistake, it is due to inadequate management, little communication experience"

Asanzo Electronics Vietnam Joint Stock Company is subject to investigation by central ministries before the allegations of the newspaper Youth recently the company has imported electronic goods from China and tore the "Made in China" stamp but advertised it as a Vietnamese product, "Japanese technology peak".

There are no official conclusions about the case yet, but many retailers have already stopped selling Asanzo products, especially some systems have conducted its recall and customer support. change to another brand.

In the midst of difficulties, CEO Asanzo Pham Van Tam had "sent a message" to officials and employees of this company.

CEO Asanzo Pham Van Tam

In the letter, Mr. Tam stressed that the company did not intend to trick users, but if it was wrong, it was due to poor management. "In the meantime, the first thing I want to confirm to you is that the company has absolutely no wrongdoing policy to deceive users. If it is wrong, then our wrong is just not tight. in the management of production processes and little experience in communication, leading to misunderstandings of the press and the public ". In the future, Asanzo wants to be autonomous in production, develop supporting industries and "Towards becoming a totally Vietnamese brand".

Asanzo leaders call on their employees "trust in the executive board's crisis resolution and unite to overcome the shortcomings". In particular, a specific action recommended by Asanzo to the entire team is "persistently explain the suspicions of our relatives, friends and partners, and protect Asanzo against the negative externalities calmly, with faith and with the request to wait for the agency's conclusions. power".

Earlier on June 30, interviewed VTC NewsMr. Tam completely denied the view that Asanzo changed the place of production of goods: "If the law stipulates that assembled goods in Vietnam is not recorded in Vietnam, then we comply. But Asanzo's products are imported from many places, of which about 70% from abroad, we To complete the first stage, the final stage, and verify the regulations on product quality, I affirm, Asanzo's products are Made in Vietnam ".

The Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other relevant agencies to urgently carry out the investigation of Asanzo. Official results will be reported before July 30, 2019.

The following is the entire content of the letter of CEO Asanzo Pham Van Tam sent to employees:

CEO Asanzo Pham Van Tam wrote a letter to reassure the staff, said he did not deceive the user, if it was wrong, it was due to the lack of management, little communication experience - Photo 2.

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