Asanzo CEO admits using Chinese components - Photo 1.

CEO Asanzo admitted using Chinese components

Share with Pv. VietNamNet on glass oven components shipment was checked by the Customs Department of Ho Chi Minh City on September 7, 2018, Mr. Tam affirmed that Asanzo has stopped producing these items since about 6/2018.

In the past, tariffs on household electrical goods were still high, so Asanzo built assembly lines to produce this item in the country. In the second half of 2018, early 2019, when taxes on these items returned to 0, found no interest, Asanzo did not produce these consumer electronics devices, but only focused on two main product lines. is TV and air conditioner.

Mr. Pham Van Tam – CEO of Asanzo said that the company has stopped producing household electrical goods and only assembles TV and air conditioner products under Asanzo brand.

Mr. Pham Van Tam said that Asanzo's import of components from China to assemble into products is not new. However, when labeling, packaging as well as in warranty paper, Asanzo is aware of that, so only write "Made in Vietnam" instead of "Made in Vietnam" on its products.

According to Mr. Tam, as of the first half of 2018, Asanzo still assembled household electrical goods. However, about a year ago, Asanzo no longer assembled household electrical goods. This time Asanzo assigned this line of products to the supporting companies, Tam said.

Therefore, since that time, there have been two different product lines on the market but with modern and Asanzo logos. The first branch includes household electrical appliances assembled by Asanzo in the first half of 2018 and labeled Vietnam. With the second branch, these devices were imported to Vietnam by the subsidiary companies of Asanzo and originated from China.

CEO Asanzo admitted using Chinese components - Photo 2.
Mr. Tam also said that because of being aware that Asanzo is just an assembly company, the products of this group only mentioned "Made in Vietnam" instead of "Made in Vietnam".

According to Mr. Pham Van Tam, Asanzo is franchising a few other companies to use their brands, so Asanzo has no complaints about the fact that these companies hire Chinese manufacturers to close their Asanzo logo into electric products. household and then import to sell in the domestic market.

Asanzo's CEO said that his company is strong in electronics, so it is focusing on producing these items. With the discontinuation of production of household products, the purpose of this action is to make Asanzo stores and agents more diversified in terms of goods and thereby have more income.

Asanzo once sent a letter to the police confirming that the company did not protect its trademark. Therefore, due to the issue that the press posed regarding brand labels, Mr. Tam said that in Asanzo group, there are many different subsidiaries, which parts are wrong, that unit will be responsible.

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