Center-du-Québec One month in prison for false instructions

Center-du-Québec One month in prison for false instructions

A former cashier of an IGA in Center-du-Québec will have to serve a sentence of 30 days in prison in addition to repaying the $ 25,000 she extracted from her employer by defrauding him.

Audrey Gagné, 21, made a significant number of fraudulent returns of large plastic jugs of returnable water at $ 10 each, for nearly two years, at the Princeville grocery store where she worked. She called “a youthful error” the criminal acts that she began to pose at 18, we learned at the Victoriaville courthouse, when receiving her sentence on Tuesday.

The crate “swayed”, but not the number of jugs.

When confronted with the nature of her actions by investigators on file, she admitted the facts by producing an incriminating statement. In addition, she pleaded guilty to a charge of fraud over $ 5,000.

According to her lawyer Guy Boisvert, Audrey Gagné acted “to pay for trafficking to her friends in order to be accepted by her group”.

The young woman appeared in court on Tuesday, claiming to have taken out a personal loan of $ 25,000 to repay the Princeville IGA. This initiative was retained by the court.

Given the number of fraudulent acts, the breach of trust towards the employer and the motivation of the offender, which the judge of the Court of Quebec, Dominique Slater, identified as the lure of profit, Audrey Gagné will be required to serve 30 days in jail on weekends, with one year probation.


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