CellphoneS offers 14-day trial of Galaxy S21 series, supports selling old devices to come to life

( Users when selling old devices save more than 7 million rounds when they launch Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra at CellphoneS, and also support trial – exchange completely free of up to 14 exciting days. The program applies to customers who buy machines from February 3 – 28.

Capturing the end-of-year shopping mentality of customers, as well as wanting to bring products to many hesitating customers, CellphoneS cooperates with Samsung Vietnam to launch a free experience program within the first 14 days. Customers can freely choose to buy directly or sell old devices to Galaxy S21 +, Galaxy S21 Ultra at CellphoneS within 14 days (from the date of invoice), if you feel dissatisfied, you can return the device. and get full refund. On the occasion of the upcoming Tet holiday, this is a good opportunity for users who are wondering about choosing to buy the Galaxy S21 series this year.

Conditions to meet cost refunds include: within 14 days the product still has a full accessory box, is not scratched, creased, or dented (user error arises) exiting security accounts such as Google Account … , Imei clearly does not lose or damage … Sharing from CellphoneS system, 14 days is enough time for users to get acquainted and experience most of the product’s features and make a decision.

The most notable point on the Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone duo is the luxurious back design, not confused with any other smartphone on the market with the luxurious metal frame wrapped around the cluster. camera, providing a soft curved feel. Combined with youthful colors but without losing sophistication and class thanks to the luxurious glass-metal back, will definitely become a great highlight to impress during Tet.


The Galaxy S21 + and S21 Ultra duo with the ability to capture moments extremely professionally with a camera set that is not inferior to professional cameras, making users extremely satisfied with vivid photos and videos that capture every moment. regardless of distance. The camera with multiple intelligent shooting modes makes taking pictures easy and fun, combined with a 120Hz screen with a brightness of 1,500 nits that promises to bring the best shooting experience even under the sun. .


If this New Year you intend to upgrade your phone and still have no choice, then the 14-day free trial program makes Galaxy S21 series more attractive than ever.

When customers can buy directly or sell a second-hand device with many attractive incentives:

  • Immediate subsidy up to 5 million from Samsung.
  • Subsidized when born from CellphoneS.
  • Donate smart navigation accessories and Smart Tag Sales Coupon, deduct an additional 1 million when buying directly.

Please refer to the 14-DAY FREE TESTING link for GALAXY S21 + S21 ULTRA, and choose for yourself the market-leading flagship to be your companion during the upcoming New Year’s Eve at CellphoneS.


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