Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the "F" symbol, the classic meme of the online community

If a youtuber encounters an unexpected moment, like when an Overwatch gamer utl the wrong time, the "F" will immediately appear. We can view the internet as a "cemetery" of "F" so it appears everywhere, as a way for people to "pay homage".

5th anniversary of the birth of the letter F, classic meme of the online community - Photo 1.

Starting 5 years ago, Call of Duty's development team blew up the "F" with one of the most classic cutscenes in the game. It is one of the opening cutscene of the game Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, released on November 4, 2014. Let's review the memories of the birth of this classic meme.

A gloomy funeral is underway for a soldier who died in Korea – also the best friend of the protagonist Jack Mitchell. It was a solemn and sad scene, with melodious violin music as the soldiers took turns touching the coffin. Then, when it is the player's turn, a prompt appears on the screen: "Press F to show respect." When you press the "F" button, the character will touch the coffin.

When playing this game in 2014, Conan O'Brien even commented in his "Clueless Gamer": "Hold X to show respect? What does that mean? That's crazy! So there's a button?" for 'I'm here because I think I can meet someone'? "

"Press F to pay respect" is a symbol, not because it's stupid, but because the balance between "sad" and "serious" is really funny. "To celebrate comrades, brotherhoods, grief, love or even good morning, just press the button". The game encountered these problems when it tried to harmonize "sadness" and "seriousness", then threw them away when it required gamers to press a button to "show respect".

When trying to speed up the destruction of the game, we spamed our right mouse during conversations with "content" or skipped cutscenes. Because participating in emotional moments when playing games will be very silly when it constantly stops to ask gamers if they want to "a) hug their crying mother" or "b) steal bread and fresh jam her? ". Let "drop F" is a perfect example to illustrate the humor of playing the action game while having a smooth scene.

Five years after Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released, "F" is now one of the ways to show respect on the internet. It's not always used to be ironic, although I'm pretty sure "F" is being used by someone to pay tribute to their lost Hello Kitty wallet.

And it's probably time for "F" to be "F" too. Thanks, one of the most classic memes of this decade.

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