Ceiling-mounted air-conditioner, multi-condition air conditioner with huge discount at Dien May Thanh An

Ceiling-mounted air-conditioner, multi-condition air conditioner with huge discount at Dien May Thanh An

Ceiling-mounted air-conditioner, multi-condition air conditioner with huge discount at Dien May Thanh An

At the beginning of the summer of 2021, air-conditioning shopping promotions of many electronics supermarkets were updated to promote purchases and attract customers. Specifically, we will send you to refer to the list of deals with ceiling air conditioner, Multi air conditioner, which are receiving great discounts at Thanh An Electric Machine store.

Update attractive air-conditioning promotions at Dien May Thanh An.

Promotion of the latest ceiling air conditioner in May 2021

In addition, on the Thanh An Electrical Appliance Website, you can refer to more genuine discounted ceiling air conditioner products from reputable brands in the refrigeration market:








Multi air conditioner products are being discounted by Thanh An Electrical Appliance.

Buy Multi air conditioner with shock discount [Lên Đến 35%]

Genuine Multi air conditioner is strongly reduced at this time at Thanh An Electrical and Electronic store from big brand products. Most of the discounted products are in the inverter series that saves electricity, operates smoothly, and efficiently refrigerates:

Multi Daikin Air Conditioning System https://dienmaythanhan.vn/category/may-lanh/dieu-hoa-multi/dieu-hoa-multi-daikin

  • Multi Panasonic Air Conditioner



  • Mitsubishi Heavy Air-conditioner


  • Air conditioner Multi Reetech





Diverse Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner at Website https://dienmaythanhan.vn/.

Experience in buying ceiling-mounted air-conditioner, Multi air conditioner at Dien May Thanh An

Thanh An Electric Machine is a store specializing in distributing genuine ceiling air-conditioner, Multi-genuine air conditioner in Ho Chi Minh City area.

For the fastest and most convenient purchase, customers can visit the website https://dienmaythanhan.vn/ to search for the air-conditioner product that suits their needs or contact directly with Dien May Thanh. An for detailed consultation assistance.

According to surveys and reviews, when buying at Dien May Thanh An, customers are 100% guaranteed to receive the best policies on services and products:

  • The support staff is enthusiastic and fast.

  • Products are full of certificates of origin – quality (CO / CQ).

  • Free delivery – installation in Ho Chi Minh City; nationwide shipping.

  • Warranty 2 years – 5 years depending on the policy of each manufacturer.

Thanh An Electrical Appliance – A reputable genuine air conditioner distributor in Ho Chi Minh City.

Above is the update information on the discount program of the largest attractive ceiling air conditioner and air conditioner 2021 being applied at Thanh An Dien May.

Direct contact information with Thanh An Electronics to buy goods and receive many discounts on air conditioning:

  • Website: https://dienmaythanhan.vn/
  • SDT: 0967.899.639 (Mr. Diep Thanh Nhon)
  • Email: sales@dienmaythanhan.vn
  • Fax: 0316122741
  • Head office: 29A Tang Phu Village, Tang Nhon Phu A Ward, District 9, HCMC
  • Business license: 0316122741. Date of operation: January 31, 2020
  • Legal representative: Diep Ngoc Bao An

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