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CEDEC 2020 | Summary: Sharing of the development experience of Dongsen, fitness ring and FF7RE

CEDEC 2020, a Japanese game developer conference, was successfully held from September 2nd to 4th. This is the first time the conference has been presented online.

Affected by the expansion of the new coronavirus epidemic, the largest game developer conference in Japan, CEDEC 2020, hosted by CESA (Japan Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association), was held online for the first time this year. We selected the five most notable speeches from the speeches during the conference from September 2nd to 4th to share with you.

From “Assemble! “Animal Crossing Friends” found the necessary factors to maintain the continuous development of the series

The name of the speech: “Assemble! Animal Crossing Friends Club” ~ A game design that combines tradition and innovation in the series
Speakers: Mr. Nintendo Nogami, Ms. Kyogoku Aya

Three games about “Assemble!” brought by Nintendo on the last day of the conference. It is no exaggeration to say that the speech of “Animal Forest Friends Club” (hereinafter referred to as “Dynamic Forest”) is the biggest highlight of this CEDEC. As one of the most popular works this year, the stories shared by its development team immediately attracted people’s attention. In the speeches delivered by Mr. Nogami and Ms. Kyogoku Aya, who have been the supervisors of the series for a long time, they reviewed the history of the series and introduced us to the changes in the game mechanism and development system of the series so far.

Mr. Nogami believes that the system of “Dongsen” is a bit similar to “exchange diary”, because both “can deliver information at their own pace, and can naturally accumulate and share this information while doing what you like.” Therefore, when developing the new work of “Dongsen”, the development team not only inherited the traditional policy of “promoting player communication in a way that keeps pace with the times” and “allowing players to understand the new elements of the game before playing”, but also Actively develop new player groups. That’s why they added various elements to the new work of “Dong Sen” to expand the width of the game. For example, the theme of the “Dynamic Forest” series is “life”, so there is no such thing as clearance in the game itself, but the game can bring players the same sense of accomplishment as in clearance. One of the reasons is to add photos Function, which can leave memories for players. In addition, this work also introduced a new system “Jiliyou”. The development team introduces players to the lifestyle and gameplay on the island by setting the goal of obtaining rewards upon completion. This can also be said to be a novice tutorial for players. These brand-new elements have greatly changed the novice teaching part of “Dong Sen” at the beginning. While explaining the new elements of “how to live on an uninhabited island” and “how to live on an uninhabited island”, it also strengthened the guidance for novices. The proportion. After the development of the uninhabited island, it will return to the traditional gameplay of “Dongsen”-players use the lifestyle they master to move freely toward their goals. “Dynamic Forest” cycles through the process of “experiencing new elements at the beginning, and returning to traditional gameplay in the second half of the game”.

In the end, a passage from Ms. Kyogoku left a deep impression on the author. She said, “Even if it’s a new work in the same series, I never feel that this job is just repeating the process of developing the previous work in the series, let alone making it. In the previous game, it was more relaxed. In Kansai dialect, it was “しんどい” (tired). But this kind of “fatigue” has witnessed our changes and growth, and it is also the fun of game making.”

Realistic character actions and expressions that only “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” can achieve

Speech name: Character animation technology in “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”
Speakers: Square Enix Hara Ryu, Iwasawa Akira

In the relevant speech of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” (hereinafter referred to as “FF7 Remake”), the chief animation program Mr. Hara Ryu and the facial expression director Mr. Iwasawa Akira introduced the design of the character’s body movements and facial movements in this work .

This “FF7 Remastered Edition” is a collection of past motion capture techniques in terms of the character’s body movements. In terms of character facial expressions, a brand new attempt was made. For example, the eyes of the characters in this game are just like the eyes of humans in reality. The eyeballs will rotate up and down and left and right repeatedly, never stopping. In addition, when the character starts a dialogue with others, it also seems to have a human mental action, and will unconsciously shift his eyes to other places. And when the character blinks, the eyelids are not completely closed, but a slit is opened, and then various blinking actions are realized through motion mixing technology and random elements. The system can also automatically generate the character’s line of sight based on body movements and facial directions.

The automatic lip synchronization system “HappySadFace” is also particularly noteworthy. This technology will generate a mouth animation by referring to voice data and text data. Taking this as an example, although the lines are the same, the pronunciation of the character will be based on the spoken language (Japanese, English, French, German). Different and changed. In addition, details such as the volume of the sound and the animation of the eyebrows are also automatically generated by the system. In addition, the “ST Emotion” technology used by the development team can calculate emotional parameters based on the voice of the voice actor, and then automatically mix expressions that match the feelings of the characters. Thanks to this technology, even if the characters simply speak lines, the realistic expressions of the characters can make the dialogue in the scene full of human touch. It is this technology that can automatically generate images that allows players to appreciate the character’s rich expression changes in action scenes and daily dialogue scenes outside of the plot animation. Through this speech, the fidelity of “FF7 Remake” can be seen.

Emotional parameters are calculated based on the voice of the voice actor and automatically mixed with emotional expressions. Using “ST Emotion” technology in the game industry, “FF7 Remake” is the first time

“Fitness Ring Adventure” takes into account gameplay and fitness methods

Speech name: “Fitness Ring Adventure” ~ Mixed dangers! Game design that takes into account both gameplay and fitness ~
Speakers: Nintendo Kawamoto Koichi, Matsunaga Kozhi

“Fitness Ring Adventure” has won the attention of a large number of players with its gameplay of taking risks while exercising, and has gained millions of sales. This time CEDEC also published 4 speeches about this work. The producer Mr. Kawamoto and the supervisor Mr. Matsunaga not only introduced us how they realized the coexistence of the two opposing elements of “game” and “fitness” in “Fitness Ring Adventure”, they also talked about the birth of the idea to the completion. Difficulties and efforts encountered in the development of this process.

Mr. Kawamoto, who is accustomed to using the “hybrid” method to create games, said that the development of “Fitness Ring Adventure” first began with a question from the development team: Can we develop a fusion of “game” and “fitness” Can big-element software solve the problem of people’s lack of exercise? With this question in mind, the development team first sent Mr. Matsunaga, the supervisor of “Wii Fit”, to start the development work. However, the game prototype made with great effort can only be regarded as an interesting game, but it does not allow players to feel fitness. effect. So the development team began to realize that “games and fitness are incompatible” and came to the simple conclusion that “strength exercise is hard work, and if the game is to be interesting, the two cannot be integrated.” However, Mr. Kawamoto was not discouraged by this, and decided to explore a road that takes both gaming and fitness into consideration, not just a hybrid road… Since all the dedicated controllers are purchased for gaming, players will naturally have expectations for strenuous exercise. . Affected by this idea, Mr. Kawamoto began to change his way of thinking. He no longer considered forcibly merging strenuous exercise and games, but considered how to make players think about strenuous exercise and enjoy it. On this basis, the development team has formulated three major countermeasures, namely, “Configure a variety of strenuous exercises”, “Let players have the idea of ​​trying strenuous exercises”, and “Make strenuous exercises interesting.” Take the countermeasure of “arranging multiple strenuous exercises” as an example, which is embodied in the game as an attack during battle. Players only need to select a command in the RPG-style battle, and no longer need to perform any game operations. In other words, you only need to exercise when attacking, and you don’t need to integrate with the theme of the game.

When “Fitness Ring Adventure” was nearing completion, the whole team conducted a series of tests together. After the trial, more than 2000 opinions were received, and the team finally solved 1296 of them. In the end, Mr. Matsunaga concluded the speech with “This work was born through repeated trial and error adjustments, and is the result of the hard work of all members of our team.”

Challenge the balance between virtual and real in “New Sakura Wars”

Speech name: The goal is to achieve a balance between virtuality and reality ~ New Sakura Wars character production example ~
Speaker: Mr. Sega Yanase Ryohei

The goal of “New Sakura Wars” is to find a balance between the virtual feeling similar to anime and the real texture and presence. As we all know, in addition to Mr. Kubo Taito, there are many other painters who participated in the character design of the main characters such as the protagonist. Because the painters have different brushstroke styles, the development team has worked hard to adjust in order to maintain a sense of unity in 3D modeling. Because if you want to faithfully restore the character design, even if there is a slight difference between the head and the body, it will make people feel wrong. In addition, the pupil design of each author is also quite different, which is also one of the key points to be adjusted during production. Among them, the center of the pupil of the character is designed to be white, and if it is faithfully restored, it will look like another race. In order for all characters to maintain the same style of painting in the game, the development team made many unified adjustments on the overall level. It is these efforts that have created a character full of charm.

The secrets of the sound effects of “The Thirteenth Army Defense Circle” are open. How do the sound effects enhance the gaming experience?

Speech name: The unique sonorous sound effect of “Thirteen Armies Defense Circle”: the sound effect concept and actual installation
Speakers: Basiscape Mr. Sakimoto Hitoshi, Mr. Kaneko Masaki; Mr. CRI Middleware Mr. Atsushi Sakurai

This speech explains two issues around game sound effects: First, how does “Thirteen Armed Forces Defense Circle” use sound effects to express a sensational game performance effect, and how to enhance the immersion of the game through this sensational performance effect Feeling? Second, how does this game use sound effects to enhance the play experience? The topic of the speech was “A method of prioritizing game background music effects using statistics and music theory.” Mr. Kaneko explained in detail the part of “How to perform sound effects”. For example, when playing explosive sounds in battle, while enhancing the bass sound track, it is necessary to keep the high sound track unchanged. This adjustment can not only bring the players the refreshment of the moment of explosion, but also ensure that the bloody battle melody can still be played smoothly. Mr. Sakimoto said that he is actively researching game music recently, such as using artificial intelligence and deep learning to study and investigate what kind of music accompaniment can shock players’ hearts.

“The Thirteenth Army Defense Circle” has received high praise for its meticulous plot arrangement since its release, but this speech also allowed us to see the huge amount of work invested in sound effects and the hard work of the development team.

Translation: Date Masamune, the faithful dog
Editor: Bluestoon
Source: Bonfire Camp


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