Cecilia Cheung's "Lang Jie 2" is a full-fledged paddling, the lyrics are unfamiliar, and the dance moves

Cecilia Cheung’s “Lang Jie 2” is a full-fledged paddling, the lyrics are unfamiliar, and the dance moves

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On February 5, the third episode of “Lang Jie 2” was broadcast. All the sisters were divided into upper and lower groups, and a total of 8 singing and dancing stages. In the end, Liu Ye, Tang Jingmei, An Youqi, Li Huizhen, and Dong Xuan were eliminated. Among them, An Youqi , Dong Xuan’s departure is the most regrettable, after all, his performance on stage is not so hip.

In fact, for the public stage of “Lang Jie 2” in the second season, many netizens felt that it was a lot worse than the first season. Whether it was the adaptation of the song or the clothes of the sisters, they were no better than the first season. One floor high, the clothing of Dong Xuan’s group was the worst complaint. The polka dot suits seemed to be very old-fashioned. It is estimated that Dong Xuan’s elimination was also dragged down by clothing.

In a public, the most widely praised by netizens is the combination of Jike Junyi, Zhou Bichang, and Hu Jing. For the two VOCALs, Hu Jing’s performance did not stretch his hips. He won the highest vote in this performance and became the only one. The combination that advances directly becomes the best in the game.

The first performance of “Lang Sister 2” is based on the 15 sisters in the lower circle. They can challenge the sisters in the upper circle in the name of their group. All sisters hope to challenge the evenly matched group in the upper circle. After the performance, the lower circle thought that Naying’s popularity was too high, and all the sisters chose not to challenge.

Just as it was about to announce that there was no challenge from the Ying group, Cecilia Cheung suddenly said that he would PK with him, and the final result was that Liu Ye and Tang Jingmei in the group were eliminated. In fact, the ranking of these two people is very low at the beginning, and their popularity is not high. In fact, it will be sooner or later to be eliminated, but Cecilia Cheung’s behavior in this challenge has attracted a lot of complaints.

The first one was when Cecilia Cheung challenged Mike. Like everyone else, Cecilia Cheung wanted to avoid Na Ying. When no one decided at the time, Cecilia Cheung decided to challenge. In the later interview, he also expressed that he wanted to take a brave female path, and to challenge, he must challenge the strongest. Although the people in the group expressed no regrets in the later interviews, it can be seen from Yuan Shanshan’s expression that they are not very willing.

Originally, many netizens had a lot of expectations for Cecilia Cheung, but in the formal performance, they actually slapped all the audience in the face, the overall dance movements couldn’t keep up, and the singing and dancing were a mess.

In fact, it can be seen from the position of Cecilia Cheung’s group that Cecilia Cheung who has been standing in the middle is absolutely C position, and the central position also means that it will attract more audience attention. But when singing and dancing throughout the stage, I don’t know if the dance moves were forgotten or not familiar. Cecilia Cheung did not follow the movements of the others in the group during the whole process. When dancing, other sisters did the same movements. Cecilia Cheung was just a little slower. Shoot, and even if you keep up with the rhythm, the motion range is very small.

The result of this kind of dance, according to netizens, was still the result of her dance teacher having simplified her movements during rehearsals, which caused her movements to be different from those of others in the group. Although Cecilia Cheung has always said that she can’t dance, referring to Na Ying, she was “practice” when she was spit on dancing from the beginning. She still did the same dance as other people in a public without exercising her privileges.

When singing, in order to highlight Cecilia Cheung, she also arranged a piece of rap for her separately. I can hear that this paragraph is indeed open wheat, but Cecilia Cheung sitting on the steps is also very unnatural, and the last few raps are even more Relieved like completing a task, completely out of rhythm.

When this preview and the promotional image just came out, many netizens saw Cecilia Cheung saying that the goddess’s face was rejuvenated, but from a public video, she was wearing a strapless outfit. The meat on both arms was still very obvious. Yes, the face also looks a little rounder, especially when turning the side face, it is obvious that the position of the belly is not flat, and even slightly bulging.

The two seasons of “Sister Lang” have a common problem, that is, the sister who participated in the show. The original fame is very important. There are very few sisters who want to really stand up through the stage, but at the end of the first public, facing Cecilia Cheung so failing In performance, she still won the second place in the lower circle. After getting the opportunity to replace the upper circle, she became the fourth among all sisters. It seems that the filters of the times are still very beneficial to Cecilia Cheung.

Because he is a senior in the entertainment industry, Cecilia Cheung is qualified to be confident, but he cannot be arrogant, nor can he represent the whole group with one person’s opinion. If he was in the challenge, he would discuss it with other people in the group in time, and he might still get Better grades.

At the end of this issue, the most dramatic scene also appeared. The remaining 25 sisters will be grouped again. Na Ying and Yang Yuying naturally became the two captains because they were the top two in the audience’s vote. Cecilia Cheung, who ranked fourth, said I wanted a group of Naying, but Naying didn’t directly agree. Let Cecilia Cheung think about it again. Is this a decline?

After all, the sister who does not train hard and still uses privileges is a headache no matter where she is, but from the Reuters later, in the upcoming second public, Cecilia Cheung is still the smooth Na Yingcheng group, but in the end is it another time? Pulling the entire group of people’s hind legs is not known.

After the show was broadcast, Cecilia Cheung shared a passage of Naying once sang “Appear and Leave” on her social platform, and wrote: “Don’t be afraid of my sister, listen to my rap and be shocked.” It can be said that it is obvious that he is okay, but as of the time of publication, Na Ying has not responded. No matter what, Cecilia Cheung should be able to survive to the end, or I hope she can really improve her abilities and stop relying on her own money to survive the show. This is fairer to other sisters. What do you think of Cecilia Cheung’s unqualified stage performance?


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