Cautions when maintaining car speed sensors

Cautions when maintaining car speed sensors

For the ABS anti-lock braking system to work smoothly, it is necessary to have an important part that is the car speed sensor.

Car speed sensors are one of the most important types of automotive sensors, helping the anti-lock braking system to operate smoothly and efficiently. The structure of the wheel speed sensor is usually located in the wheel cavity when the vehicle uses brake discs on all four wheels. If the vehicle is equipped with a drum brake at the rear wheel, the vehicle speed sensor will be placed in the differential box.

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Design of car speed sensor

The working principle of speed sensor is similar to other sensors as they are based on electromagnetic induction phenomenon. Includes an electromagnet pole mounted near the gears. If the wheel spins, the gear spins and the electromagnet generates alternating current and sends it to the speed sensing circuit so that it can calculate and know the vehicle’s speed. If it senses that the rotation speed of the wheels is not uniform, the processor will immediately adjust to balance the speed.

In order to be able to check for car speed sensor errors as well as properly maintain the speed sensor, we first need to know about the types of speed sensors, as each sensor will have different directions. maintenance and inspection respectively.

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Types of car speed sensors

Currently in the car market there are two types of car speed sensors, which are closed and open car speed sensors. For open speed sensors, the parts will be separated from each other, so dirt is easy to get into the sensor and make inaccurate details. Because of this, the open sensor after a period of use will malfunction, then the ABS anti-lock brake system light will light up.

Working principle of speed sensor

Meanwhile, the sealed sensor will help the driver not have to do periodic cleaning and maintenance. Because the sealed sensor will eliminate the risk of dirt falling into the details. To be able to accurately identify your vehicle is to use an open or closed speed sensor. You need to remove the rotating block to check the brake system and flip the back to see. If you see the magnet sensor and the metal gear separate, it is an open type sensor.

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Car speed sensor maintenance process

To be able to maintain a car speed sensor, it is necessary to determine whether the vehicle is front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Because as mentioned above, the placement of a car speed sensor will be decided based on the type of front wheel or all four wheels. If it’s a four-wheel drive vehicle, you need to take out all the sensors and check each one. Whereas, if it is front-wheel drive, you only need a partial turn. In addition, the closed or open sensor type also greatly affects the test mode.

Too old car speed sensors will no longer work

With sealed sensors, you don’t need to be replaced as often, unless there is some sign of device failure. For detachable sensors, some experts advise that it is necessary to upgrade the brake pedal after traveling over 50,000km.

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The bright ABS indicator light could be caused by the speed sensor problem

In addition, care should be taken to avoid possible maintenance effects. To be able to clean the sensor, it is necessary to use a special detergent to avoid adverse effects on the sensor, be really careful to avoid a few cases of “buffalo heal to lame” causing a nuisance. . If you want to clean the gear, you can apply a little detergent to the bristle brush to thoroughly clean the gear. Once that is done, it is necessary to use a blow compressor to push the dirt out one last time.

Below are steps for car speed sensor maintenance:

Remove the wheel: First, you need to choose a flat location to park your car. Then loosen the nuts before lifting the car to remove the wheel. In order to help the operator have a wide vision and space to continue the operations, it is necessary to turn the handlebars to the side to remove the driver’s ABS and vice versa.


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Remove the car speed sensor: Usually, the speed sensor is located at the motor near the wheel. Some models will have to remove the sensor cable fixing bolts and 2 sensor fixing bolts before removing the sensor. If you are not careful and pull out the sensor details, it will easily damage the sensor.

Sensor removal must be done with care

Clean the sensor and install the sensor: After removing the sensor, you can clean it as mentioned above. Next, do the opposite of what you originally did to install the sensor back to normal.

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