Causes of car air conditioning smells and how to fix them

Causes of car air conditioning smells and how to fix them

Smelly car air-conditioning is a fairly common condition, especially with older cars that run for many years. So where is What causes car air-conditioning to smell?

What causes the car air conditioner to smell bad?

As we already know about the operating principle of car air conditioning systems, the exhaust fan will draw air from the outside into the system. At this time, airborne objects such as bacteria, fungus, dirt, pollen and even plant leaves (if the air filter is of poor quality) are included.

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The air conditioner has a bad smell due to not cleaning the air conditioner periodically

And when these “uninvited guests” come in, they latch on to the air filter, the cooling surface of the indoor unit and the duct. These impurities will accumulate more and more and are associated with conditions such as humidity and low light. From there, creating an ideal environment for bacteria, mold to grow and create a bad smell. At that time, this smell will be brought out by the air conditioning system to the car cabin and cause an unpleasant feeling for the people on the car.

The air filter has a lot of dust and dirt causing the air conditioner to smell bad

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How to deodorize cars

You need to identify the dirty condition of the indoor unit and the main cause of bad odors so you can have a way to deodorize your car.

The indoor unit only has a light layer of dirt, no thick layers on the surface

At this point, you can use germicidal sprays to deodorize the conditioner. Take note of the properties of aerosols, carefully consider what is suitable for your car’s indoor unit and your preferred smell. This helps to avoid unpleasant odors when you are not feeling very well.

Use antibacterial spray if the indoor unit does not have a lot of dirt

The indoor unit has been heavily dirty, the surface of the air filter has a thick layer of dirt

Due to the subjective not paying attention to cleaning the air-conditioning system, there is a thick layer of dust in the filter panel, which affects human health and the longevity of the car’s air-conditioning system. In this case, you won’t be able to use regular disinfectants or scent sprays. Since using bacterial sprays is no longer effective, this is like seeing a person who hasn’t cleaned their body for days and just tell them to spray perfume.

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Therefore, the most effective way to deodorize the car at that time is to remove the indoor unit, use a high-pressure spray and clean water to rinse the details in the air conditioning system such as the air filter. . Only like that, you can hope to be able to wash away the dirt and fungus that have accumulated for a long time. After you have cleaned the thick dust, you just need to spray a layer of antibacterial deodorant to make your air conditioner look like new.

Car air filter after 18 months of unsanitary use

Note, removing the cold whirlwind to be able to thoroughly clean and deodorize the car requires a high level of skill, so you should take your car to top reputable car maintenance centers to ensure machine safety. Avoid accidental disassembly of the cold cyclone, which can cause damage to other parts.

There are some other reasons for the car to smell unpleasant

In addition to the car’s air conditioner having an unpleasant odor, causing the cabin to stink, the smell of the car is due to many different reasons, such as:

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New car bought: Newly bought cars will often appear to smell of leather, smell of wood, smell of felt, plastic upholstery … All of these smells combined will create a quite dark and strong mixture. But most of the time, these odors will disappear after a period of use.

Due to the engine compartment: Usually, cars will design the engine compartment not to be sealed. That will cause residues such as grease to accumulate and when exposed to high humidity, this will promote the process of creating odors. To solve this, you need regular maintenance to both increase the durability of the machine and help eliminate odors.

Due to human habits: Many riders often have a habit of smoking in the car. Because cigarette smoke is quite smoky, whether you open the door or not open the door when smoking, the smell of cigarette will also get into the car’s interior objects such as mattresses and cotton.

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Smoking in the car also causes an unpleasant odor

In fact, the smell on the car can be caused by many different reasons, possibly due to dirty car air conditioner causing unpleasant odors or the reasons mentioned above. It is important that you find the best car deodorizer for different types of causes to protect your health.

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