Cause the opponent to Mike Ward "It's my biggest regret" - Jérémy Gabriel

Cause the opponent to Mike Ward “It’s my biggest regret” – Jérémy Gabriel

Water has flowed under the bridges since Mike Ward made jokes about Jeremy Gabriel. The legal battle between the comedian and the singer even went to the Supreme Court where the judges of the highest court in Canada will have to rule on freedom of expression.

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Mike Ward has always refused to pay the $ 35,000 to young Jeremy, who has Treacher Collins syndrome, as compensation for making fun of him 230 times in his show.

“I never wanted to make it a personal matter. I wanted to hold Mr. Ward accountable for his comments. Humor does not give immunity, ”says Jérémy Gabriel.

The 24-year-old says he never fought his fight for money. “The amount awarded is very small. Spending 10 years of his life on it for $ 35,000, I would have given up. […] It’s bigger than all that. And today everything has a greater reach with social media, ”says Jérémy.

Throughout the legal proceedings, the singer and Mike Ward found themselves in the same courtrooms. The comedian has never tried to talk to him, says Jérémy Gabriel.

“When we lodged the complaint in 2012, it was to seek redress, to discuss, to make him aware of the impact that his show and his videos had on my life. Mr. Ward was keen on going to trial. It is my greatest regret that there was no discussion, but it is never too late, ”emphasizes Jérémy Gabriel.

The Supreme Court of Canada has taken under advisement the case between Mike Ward and Jérémy Gabriel after half a day of oral argument.

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