Cause the car is shining with continuous brake light does not turn off

Cause the car is shining with continuous brake light does not turn off

If the brake light is on when the brake is pressed, that is normal. However, if all the brakes have been released, the brake light will be continuously illuminated, it means that there is a problem.

There are many causes of cars suffering from continuous brake light. The most common causes are:

Release all the brakes but the car will still light the brake lightsRelease all the brakes but the car will still light the brake lights

Didn’t pull the hand brake completely

The most common cause of the hand brake light not turning off is that the driver has not pulled the hand brake completely. When this error, you should not keep moving will endanger you and everyone. Because deliberately moving when the parking brake is not fully pulled will lead to serious damage to the brake pads or the rotor. At this point, you should stop the car and check whether all operations on the vehicle are complete, the parking brake has been pulled.

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Didn't pull the hand brake completelyDidn’t pull the hand brake completely

Anti-lock braking system ABS malfunction

Currently, most models are equipped with ABS braking system. Under normal operating conditions, the light will only light up when the vehicle is started and the vehicle will turn off to notify the system of normal operation. So, if the vehicle is running and you still see the light on, then the ABS brake is having a problem.

When the vehicle has an ABS braking error, the system will record the error and save it with a code read by the ABS brake sensor and diagnostic machine. You can take the car to the garage to have it check the exact cause.

Brake fluid is low

In addition to issues directly related to braking, the cause of the warning light may be brake fluid at too low a level. However, if the brake fluid is involved, the vehicle will have a number of signals to let you know where the oil is. If the clock indicates an exclamation point, the oil drops low, changes to yellow, the brake system still has enough working fluid. But if the exclamation mark turns red, you need to take the car to the garage to refill the oil as quickly as possible.

Exhaust brake fluid also causes continuous brake lightExhaust brake fluid also causes continuous brake light

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Brake light is broken

In addition to system errors, the cause may be due to the brake lights being damaged. To check, just ask another friend to stand behind to tell you if the brake light is on. If you are not stepping on the accelerator and your car is still on the brake light, you need to review the overall signs on the dashboard. If you still do not see any abnormalities, then the brake light may be really broken.

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