Is there a new adviser, Mr. Trump is less 'aggressive' with China?
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Is there a new adviser, will Trump reduce his 'aggression' with China?

The new US National Security Adviser taking office will not change much for the diplomatic relationship between the US and China. While US Department of State Mike Pompeo is the head of the hawk policy, newly appointed US National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien is considered a more moderate pacifist. predecessor John Bolton. US President Trump […]

Signs China is 'short of breath' in trade war with the US
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Revealing signs that China is 'short of breath' in its trade war with the United States

China may have lost the war, even though the 'billion-nation nation' has never acknowledged this, but the signs of losing are becoming more visible. Reuters cited a report from Chinese government data showing that the country's economy had worsened in August 2019, when “industrial production growth index was at its lowest level in nearly 18 […]