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My Back Hurt From Sitting At The Office All Day Until I Got A Posture-Correcting Seat Pad

Millions of Americans experience back pain exacerbated by sitting upright in office chairs all day long. The problem is so bad that one half of all working Americans report experiencing back pain symptoms every year. Standing desks have gone a long way to relieve this problem, but if you still suffer from pain in your […]

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Scared To Fly? Here’s How I Protected Myself on a Recent Cross-Country Flight

The COVID-19 health pandemic has had an effect on every industry for better or worse, mostly for worse, including and especially the travel industry. Airlines reported losses in the billions of dollars from March to June and are going to continue to suffer until potential customers and tourists feel safe cramming themselves into a crowded […]

stutterheim rain duffel bag
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Swedish Brand Stutterheim Releases Capsule Collection of Sexy, Indestructible Travel Bags

Swedish-based Stutterheim took the basic raincoat and made it into something you looked forward to wearing. Now, they’ve remade the lowly duffel (and other travel bags) into waterproof eye candy that’s as sexy looking as it is sturdy. Once you’ve seen the entire collection, you’ll be itching to take long walks in the rain. Courtesy […]

Laundry Blueland Starter Set
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Turn Your Laundry Green (Not Literally) With the Tablet That’s Changing the Way We Wash Our Wares

Laundry detergent? We don’t know her. Ever since the invention of the laundry pod, we’ve been chucking our pre-packaged detergent in with our dirty underwear like it’s no big deal. It’s much easier, more compact and less messy than using liquid detergent to clean your laundry. Each individual pod is filled perfectly to provide a […]

Fujifilm Quicksnap 135 Flash 400
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The 7 Coolest Disposable Cameras For Snapping Your Favorite Mems in 2020

Disposable cameras? Is it the year 2000 again? Sadly, no, it’s not. We’re still stuck in this hellscape we’re calling 2020. But, we’re doing everything and anything we can to pretend we’re not. Hence, why we’re only shooting our summer memories this year using disposable film cameras. You remember them all too well. For some […]

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SPY Spotlight: Entireworld Is the Utopian Brand Making Comfy Basics for Work, Play and Sleep

Brand Spotlight is a new conversation series that highlights our editors’ favorite up-and-coming brands. We’ll introduce you to unique brands and share some of our favorite products. In 2003, Scott Sternberg began a brand known as Band of Outsiders. It started as a menswear line that focused on shirts and ties, but later grew to […]

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This 12-Foot-Tall Skeleton With Glowing Eyes Will Terrorize the Neighborhood Children This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and one Halloween activity that definitely isn’t cancelled this year is decorating your house. Making your house into a spooky, creepy, crawly center of doom once a year is about as fun as it gets, and we know that the most dedicated decorators are always looking for ways to step up […]

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Spook Your Neighbors and Celebrate a Socially-Distanced Halloween With These Spooky Decorations

So, is Halloween cancelled this year? Just like with everything else in the world, the answer to that question is a little unclear. Certainly crowded Halloween bar parties are to be avoided this year for your safety and the safety of others — but what about other Halloween traditions? There seems to be no reason […]