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The 11 Best-Selling Hidden Spy Cameras of 2020 (So Far)

Hear the words “spy camera,” and it’s likely your brain goes to a James Bond or Ethan Hunt stealing secrets or capturing footage of a potentially world-changing event. Most people wouldn’t believe a spy camera is something an average citizen could possess. However, we’re here to show you that the best spy cameras are actually […]

MEATER plus smart meat thermometer, gifts for chefs
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The 20 Best Gifts for Chefs, From Professional Culinary Masters To Your Michelin-Starred Mom

Eating, drinking and enjoying food is one of life’s purest joys. There are some that enjoy consuming delicious meals and others who feel right at home in the kitchen making them. We’ve all got chefs in our life — whether it’s the head chef at your favorite neighborhood spot or your grill-master father whose tongs […]

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Calling All Beer Lovers: You Should be Drinking From the Best Glassware for Your Brews

Bottoms up! There’s nothing better than a delicious, fresh, crisp beer to quench your thirst, and drinking it from the best beer glass available is key to the ultimate brew-phoria. Whether it’s a traditional lager, craft beer or a strong IPA which is your vice, there’s a glass to suit. Choosing a vessel from which […]

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You Don’t Need A Boat to Look Dashing: The Men’s Peacoat Style Guide for Fall/Winter 2020

Ah, the classic men’s peacoat. This wool, double-breasted jacket’s been worn by stylish gentlemen for ages. The best men’s peacoats have withstood fashion’s ebb and flows, and it always looks good come winter. The wool peacoat started out as outerwear for any guy who was in the navy, and then for guys who worked on […]

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It May Feel Strange, But a Backpack Carrier is the Easiest Way to Take Your Dog With You Wherever You Go

Rule number one. Never leave a man behind. And, that should be no different when it comes to your dog. Afterall, dogs are man’s best friend.  Investing in a dog backpack carrier will be the best decision you’ve made since deciding to become the proud parent of your furry friend. That’s because backpacks are the […]

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The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights for Bringing Holiday Cheer to Your Yard

When it comes to recognizable differences signaling the onset of the festive season, there’s surely no better indicator than the appearance of outdoor Christmas lights. Think about it. Few occasions bring on the festive-season feeling better than returning home in the dark to a street filled with the best outdoor Christmas lights, whether that’s eave-mounted, […]