V8 Energy Drink
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The 12 Best Energy Drinks You Can Order on Amazon

For many, consuming energy-filled drinks has become an ever-present part of day-to-day life. Coffee’s taste isn’t for everyone and given its potentially time-consuming production, having a selection of these ready-to-go energy drinks in your refrigerator is a great energy-boosting and thirst-quenching alternative. Plus, as these beverages are also sugar-free, it will help you to stay […]

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Keep Grandma and Granpda Close with the GrandPad Tablet Designed for Seniors

Staying connected to loved ones this past year has been difficult, especially grandparents for whom technology continues to be a frustrating mystery. Anyone who has ever tried to see more than their grandpa’s forehead on a FaceTime can attest — video calls and Zooms are not old folks’ forte, and that’s okay. However, seniors have […]

where to buy bernie sanders mittens from inauguration day, etsy
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Can You Buy Bernie Sanders’ Adorable Mittens from the 2021 Inauguration?

Though President Joe Biden was inaugurated yesterday, millions of Americans were definitely feeling the Bern. Why? Those adorable mittens, of course. Aside from securing a brand new president, Grandpa Joe, the highlight of yesterday’s inauguration was Bernie Sanders sitting in his little chair, crossing his little legs, clad in an army green puffer jacket with […]

TOMOLO Torch Lighter
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The Best Torch Lighters To Help You Light Just About Anything

If you’re looking for a lighter that will pack a lot of power in a small package, then the torch lighter might be for you. Lighters come in a vast variety of styles — you have waterproof lighters, candle lighters, rechargeable lighters and even plasma lighters. Whether using this style of lighter for cigar smoking or any other use, […]

Jenga Classic Game, best jenga drinking games
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Drunk Jenga: The Jenga Drinking Game You Need to Play at Your Next Party

Ah, Jenga. A childhood classic. Probably your first ever experience with anxiety happened a solid 15 minutes into this tower-toppling game, sweat dripping down your 7-year-old forehead, heart beating out of your chest, just because you’re pulling a block out from between a number of other wooden blocks. Oh, the memories. Now that you’re much […]

Optimum Nutrition Mass Weight Gainer, best mass gainer
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Want to Bulk Up in 2021? Look No Further Than These Top-Rated Mass Gainer Supplements

It’s not often we as a society discuss purposefully gaining weight rather than losing weight, but there are situations in which it is appropriate to do so. Eating a well-balanced diet and exercising consistently are key parts of a healthy lifestyle and routine, and should yield a fairly consistent weight. There are a lot of […]