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Gymer Binh Thanh sat fidgety waiting for The New Gym to open


Located at the eastern gateway of the city, Binh Thanh is an area where many community facilities are gathered, bringing many values ​​to people living and working such as Ba Chieu Market, Binh Quoi tourist area, tourist area. Van Thanh calendar, East bus station and many schools, hospitals … The New Gym is present at 58D Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, promises to be the ideal gym location suitable for all subjects from students, housewives, office workers to professional athletes. So what makes The New Gym so attractive?

Gym exercise 24/7 without looking at the clock, convenient check-in only takes 5s with smart bracelet, flexible payment with reasonable monthly cost and without any contract binding. are experiences only at The New Gym.

Gymer Binh Thanh sat fidgety waiting for the opening of The New Gym - Photo 1.

The New Gym has a training space of more than 1,200m2, more than 200 quality exercise equipment with air conditioning, wifi, drinking water and free parking.

“Most of the people who practice at night like me are mainly office people, busy with deadlines all day, instead of going home tired and stressful with work or pressing the phone to read news and burn time, I choose to the project of ‘burning calories’ by spending 1 to 2 hours on exercise, stress relief, health, delicious food and more relaxed spirit “- You Tuan Anh (Binh Thanh District) shared.

Gymer Binh Thanh sat fidgety waiting for the opening of The New Gym - Photo 2.

The New Gym always listens to comments from members from the automatic rating

“Women in addition to housework, taking care of their husbands and children with hundreds of thousands of jobs, they must know how to beautify! Minh, I really like it so I invite the girls near my house to register and join the Yoga and Zumba classes for free “- Sister Be (Binh Thanh District) shares her plan.

Gymer Binh Thanh sat fidgety waiting for the opening of The New Gym - Photo 3.

Diverse exercise equipment is suitable for everyone from housewives to professional athletes

At the first time of registration, the member will be measured body index and the Personal Trainer will analyze weight, height, muscle mass, fat … as well as advise and guide suitable training methods for themselves. . At The New Gym, members can find all the equipment that suits their needs. From stationary machines, gyms, cardio machines to heavy freestyle types. All equipment systems at The New Gym are high quality equipment, smooth, smooth operation and easy to adjust. Choosing the right machine for your exercise needs will help the practitioner quickly achieve the desired goal.

Gymer Binh Thanh sat fidgety waiting for the opening of The New Gym - Photo 4.

Not only simply gym, members can optionally join completely free classes such as Yoga and Group X classes (Zumba, New Lift, New Sweat…). Training now becomes exciting and new challenges every day.

Gymer Binh Thanh sat fidgety waiting for the opening of The New Gym - Photo 5.

Health is the most important thing and The New Gym was established with the desire to protect your most precious “assets” with you. For the Founder and CEO of The New Gym, the change in interest and practice habits to protect the health of all current generations is the great driving force that makes The New Gym even more strenuous. spread positive values ​​to everyone’s practice.

The New Gym – Gym for everyone

Hotline: 1900 63 69 20 (12:00 – 21:00 daily).



The New Gym system:

1. 431A Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4, Tan Binh District

2. 256 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, District 3

3. 332 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 5, District 10

4. 128 Nguyen Thi Thap, Binh Thuan Ward, District 7

5. 58D Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District (Expected to open in May)

6. 1068 Hau Giang, Ward 12, District 6 (Expected to open in May)

Currently, The New Gym has 200 special offers for customers who register at The New Gym Ung Van Khiem branch from March 15, 2021.

• 1-month package: 279,000 VND (free for members 399,000 VND)

• 6-month package: 1,600,000 VND (only 233,000 VND / month)

• 12-month package: 2,800,000 VND (only 266,000 VND / month)

(The program may end early when registration runs out)