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“Detective Conan to Crimson Love Song” Review

Rating ★★☆☆☆ (20 points) 112 minutes in total Synopsis Conan, Ran, and the Boy Detectives Group accompany Kogoro, who has a conversation with Kensuke Achiha, who is the chairman of the Satsukikai, a group of Hyakunin Isshu, and the Satsuki Society hosted the “High School Satsuki Cup”. Was visiting Nissho TVQuote-Wikipedia Sponsoring table of contents […]


Fruits Basket Season 2 – 14

It’s funny how all-or-nothing Fruits Basket is with me.  Maybe more so than any series I’ve ever covered in fact.  After some consideration over the years, I think the explanation is pretty simple – I care about some characters a lot, and others not at all.  For example: Care: Kyou, Tohru, Momiji, Shigure, Hiro, Kisa, […]

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Conan aired again after a long absence!

After nearly 3 months of postponement due to the Covid-19 translation, the movie Detective Conan has also officially re-aired since the latest episode was released in episode 974 in late March. and the “different way of delaying” with other anime, this must also be fun for detective fans after a long time. The film has […]