Catch your eye with the "Silver Arrow" Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ

Catch your eye with the “Silver Arrow” Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ is considered as a “silver arrow” with a very sleek exterior, smooth design that makes people who play cars very interested.

Appearance of Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ like the best arrow

Experts rate the Mercedes Vision EQ as the most beautiful “silver arrow” with a completely different transformation. The car has carbon fiber material, modern LED lighting strips and large aluminum wheels to make the car look more strong and strong.

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The new Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ is designed with boldness of Sensual Purity. However, the appearance of the car is more different because the bare wheel should bring a nostalgia to the famous W125 car in the F1 race. Vision EQ has an active tail at the back, a long and slim body that feels like an arrow is moving in the wind.

With a length of 5.3 m and made of carbon fiber, the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ is extremely light and offers outstanding durability. Overall, we would think this is a car from the future.

The interior of Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ is modern and unique

Despite having a rather long body, Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ owns a cockpit for only 1 person. Interior cabin is very modern and unique with leather seats and walnut floors. Natural leather and wood gives the car a modern, luxurious and classy feel.

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The steering wheel has integrated a touch screen. In addition, the car is also equipped with a panoramic screen for the driver to more convenient in observing data and adjusting features. This large screen also allows you to play racing games with the extremely modern racing spot mode. In addition, other modern amenities can satisfy even the most demanding of people.

Engine Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ is exceptionally powerful

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ is an electric vehicle that possesses a very powerful engine and comes with modern powertrain. With 80Kwh battery block, the car can run over 400km with just one charge. In addition, the electric powertrain of the car is also capable of producing up to 740 horsepower. Therefore, the size of the car is not an issue.

The new Vision EQ vehicle has 3 different driving modes for the driver to choose from: Comfort, Sport and Sport +. Designed as an electric car, the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ is equipped with a device that generates fake engine engine noise. All have made the car more powerful when operating.

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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ is considered to be the car towards environmental friendliness. The manufacturer encourages consumers to use electric motors in order not to generate harmful gases for the environment to achieve a clean, beautiful and sustainable future. However, the latest Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ is produced not for commercial purposes, but only to honor the famous W125.

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