Cat suckers in the entertainment industry, who is the cat slave in your mind? Yi Yan Qianxi, Xiao Zhan and Hu Ge Taylor on the list

Cat suckers in the entertainment industry, who is the cat slave in your mind? Yi Yan Qianxi, Xiao Zhan and Hu Ge Taylor on the list

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My little pet, waiting for you here

With its cute and cold image, cats have captured the hearts of many people, and when they started, smoking cats has gradually become a living habit of many contemporary people. Cat smoking is comparable to mental opium. Cat smoking is refreshing for a while, and smoking cats is always refreshing. Some people even think of it as one of the criteria for judging the success of contemporary young people. Do you think that if you have a house, a car, a career, and a partner, you are a successful young man?

Not surprisingly, in addition to the above, you must also have a cat, so that you can be regarded as an outstanding successful young man. The entertainment industry is also a gathering place for cat slaves. Today, I will show you ten cat-sucking tribes. Is your goddess on the list? Next, please bring your cat to “play”!

Contestant No. 1: Hu Ge-Cat is true love, girlfriend is accident

Hu Ge has made his debut for more than ten years. He is a very good actor in the industry, and he can definitely be called a actor-level character. His representative works “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” and “The Legend of Sword and Fairy III” have won unanimous audiences. Praise. Hu Ge is also the only actor in the entertainment industry with more male fans than female fans.

Actors like Hu Ge, who are not only online, but also very online in acting and singing skills, can’t escape the clutches of cats and become loyal fans of cats. Because Hu Ge has had cats in his family since he was a child, he has a deep feeling for cats. He said: “Cats give people a mysterious feeling, and cats are very independent. Unlike dogs, he hopes the owner will like it. Yes, so I admire the cat’s free and easy character.”

For Hu Ge, the existence of a cat is like the white moonlight in his mind. The time of the car accident may be the darkest and the most tormented in his life, but the appearance of the cat gave him many healing moments, and it also allowed him to regain his love and confidence in life.

After finishing work, Hu Ge’s favorite thing to do when returning home is to play with the cat at home. If one day, you accidentally ran into Hu Ge, and your cat is hungry, you can ask Hu Ge to borrow cat food.

Hu Ge is also affectionately called “Hu Mao Mao” by fans, and he always carries some cat food with him. Sometimes, when he enters the group work, he will bring the cat with him, and in some advertisements, public welfare, programs, etc., he can see the interactive scenes of his love with cat friends.

Wang Feng once asked Hu Ge: “How do you like cats? If you find a girlfriend, would you ask her to like your cats?” Hu Ge’s answer was not unexpected at all. He let us know what a cat is true love. The girlfriend was accidental. He said: “It doesn’t matter whether she likes the cat or not, it’s more important whether the cat likes her or not.”

It can be seen that he is really a cat-loving person. It is no wonder that many fans ridicule that he is not as good as a cat.

Contestant number two: Xiao Zhan—soft cat boyfriend

Although Xiao Zhan did not come from a major, but with his own efforts, he gradually entered the public’s field of vision and became a traffic niche, relying on “Chen Qing Ling” to catch fire. Xiao Zhan’s appearance is the same as his personality, especially soft, and he feels like a little cat next door. Every time he sees him, he can’t help being moved and wants to get closer to him.

He has two cats, one is called Big Head and the other is called Nut. Do you think Xiao Zhan only loves his cat? No, no, as long as it is a cat, he loves it.

Xiao Zhan is like a soft cat boyfriend. As long as he sees a cat, he can’t help but want to slap him. Sometimes he doesn’t even let the wild cat outside, and finally gets scratched by the wild cat, and then secretly gets an injection. This makes many people angry and funny.

Contestant number three: Lu Han—a cute cat slave

Many people say that Lu Han is an excellent and responsible male artist. Perhaps many people will not be willing or daring to choose to announce a new relationship when they are the most popular, or even facing serious off-fans. However, he did it.

During the period of announcing his relationship with Guan Xiaotong, it was definitely the most serious time for him to get rid of fans, so what, but he absolutely did this is the right way to give the woman an absolute sense of security, not like most Artists choose to avoid or refute rumors.

Although he was born in 90, he has already stepped into the road of Bensan, but his cute looks, there is no trace of time on his face. Luhan is also a member of the cat clan, and his cats have super-high looks like him. The existence of a cute cat slave like Lu Han greatly satisfied the eyes of the members of the “cloud sucking cat”.

Contestant number four: Chen Qiaoen—the goddess of the cat sucking cat

Although Chen Qiaoen is now running four, she is as beautiful as ever and has the title of “Goddess of Frozen Age”. With “Destined to Love You”, she has won the ratings champion of idol dramas in Taiwanese TV history.

How can such a “frozen age goddess” not be tempted to face cute things? Chen Qiaoen is also a cat lover. She petted the cat to the sky, and the cat curled up under her arms, hugged and slept, full of warmth.

Contestant No. 5: Shu Qi—Allergy is not terrible, love can conquer everything

In front of the audience, Shu Qi is a feminine goddess, but in private, Shu Qi is a heavy cat slave. Every time she passes by a pet shop, Hsu Chi sees those cute pets, and she has the urge to buy them.

However, it is such a “pet shopping maniac” who is allergic to cats. Every time Shu Qi left the crew and returned home, her eyes would become itchy and swollen, and sometimes even allergic symptoms appeared on her entire face. Sometimes her allergies are extremely difficult, so she wraps herself up like a zongzi, which is really distressing.

However, despite this, Shu Qi still did not give up raising cats. He still firmly believed: “Allergies are not terrible, love can conquer everything.” Perhaps this is true love. It is really hard to imagine a person suffering from allergies who can raise cats!

Contestant No. 6: Gao Yuanyuan—Holding Cats and Crazy Demons

It may not be common to suck cats and hug cats in the entertainment industry, but the editor serves Gao Yuanyuan. Gao Yuanyuan is a well-known beauty in the entertainment industry and a cat lover.

I have seen a cat holding cat, but I have never seen a cat like her, holding three cats at once. And these three cats don’t look small at all, it’s a bit difficult to hold them all at once, especially for girls, but Gao Yuanyuan is holding these three cats with a sweet and elegant smile. It can be seen that she really loves cats, and she is a real cat-hugging demon.

Contestant No. 7: Wu Yifan—a senior cat sucker

Cats are really a very magical creature, so many people are willing to sink for them. If you are poisoned by cats, you can rest assured that you will not be put in a detoxification center, but there is no cure for this kind of poison and you must keep smoking cats. Entertainer Wu Yifan has also been “poisoned” by cat “poison” and has become an experienced cat sucker.

In the variety show “Fashion Partner”, Wu Yifan did not forget to boast of his appearance while playing cats, “Why do you keep looking at me, does it think that I am handsome”, and the cat is still lazy The cold look made many viewers lament that Kris Wu is too funny.

Contestant No. 8: Taylor Swift (Mold Mold) — Cat Girl

Taylor is a popular and well-known creative musician in the world. She is really super favorite, so she is also deeply sought after by Chinese fans. Taylor is a musician, a goddess, and a “cat girl.” Taylor can’t understand people who can’t be friends with cats. For her, cats are the most important thing in the world.

She knows cats, even though they look very cold on the outside, they actually love us very much. She also starred in a film adapted from the British classic musical “Cat”.

Taylor always shows her love for cats to the outside world without hesitation. Currently, Taylor has a total of three cats: Olivia Benson (Olivia Benson), Meredith Grey (Meredith Grey) and Benjamin Button (Benjamin Button). The names of the cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey are derived from the names of the characters in Law and Order and Grey Intern.

Maybe it’s common for celebrities to go out around, but it’s really rare to go out around for pets. Taylor not only made cat accessories for his cats, but also applied for trademarks for them: Meredith and Olivia Swift.

Benjamin Button (Benjamin Button), Taylor’s third cat, met this blue-eyed and homeless in the filming of the first single “ME!” from her seventh album “Lover” Kitty. In the MV, Taylor is holding it and his eyes are full of doting eyes.

How could Tyler, who loves cats, ignore this poor little cat? So, after the filming, Taylor adopted this kitten, whose name comes from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” starring Brad Pitt.

Contestant No. 9: Yi Yang Qianxi—Send you a little red flower

Speaking of Yi Yang Qianxi, it is estimated that many people will not feel unfamiliar. He is a member of TFBOYS. He has been making his debut at a young age. He can be regarded as a new generation of entertainers in the entertainment industry. He has mixed his own in the entertainment industry. Half a day.

Recently, “Send You A Little Red Flower” starring him has achieved good results at the box office, becoming the first film with a box office of over 1 billion this year and the 79th box office film in Chinese film history.

“Send You A Little Red Flower” tells a warm story. In the face of death, the only thing we have to do is love and cherish. “Don’t give up love and hope. Every retrograde and destiny struggles, brave people , All deserve to be rewarded with a little red flower.” This movie is released, do everyone go to the cinema to cheer for their idols?

Yi Yang Qianxi himself is not only handsome, but also a cat slave. Every time he slapped a cat, his face would unconsciously reveal an expression of incomparable petting to the cat, which also made many fans envied and wished to be the cat in his arms.

Contestant No. 10: Liu Yifei — Pet Cat Master

Liu Yifei has the title of “Sister Fairy” in the entertainment circle, like a fairy who does not eat fireworks in the world, and is a walking landscape. Liu Yifei is not only beautiful, but also good-hearted. She takes good care of stray cats and often adopts stray cats.

Her family also supports Liu Yifei’s practice of adopting stray cats. Her mother sometimes takes care of the displaced cats with her.

It seems that she is really a cat pet expert. In her social dynamics, the most shared ones are also related to cats.

Compared with ours, cats have a shorter life, so when you make up your mind to raise them, you must be responsible for them, and don’t give them up easily. Cats are really very healing animals. Sometimes, they can heal our lonely hearts and give us warmth.

In addition to the above, do you know any cat slaves in the entertainment industry? See you in the comment section!



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