Casemiro played the full 90 minutes in the first leg against Man City.  Photo: EFE.
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Casemiro: ‘Playing football without the audience is good for Real’

Midfielder Real Casemiro believes that psychological factors will play a key role in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Man City.

“With the new playing style, the playing mentality will make a difference. Before the translation, football was partly influenced by the factor of the pitch. But now playing in the field without the audience, that is no longer”, Casemiro gave an interview on Brazilian TV, Esporte Interativo August 5.

Casemiro played the full 90 minutes in the first leg against Man City. Image: EFE.

The spirit of Real Madrid is rising, after they overcame Barca to win La Liga. The remaining goal in the 2019-2020 season of Real is to defeat Man City in the 1/8 Champions League round. They were led 1-2 after the first leg.

“Man City are definitely well-prepared for the match. I believe it will be an exciting and difficult match for both teams. Man City has a good advantage, but we are Real and always the best in the Champions. League. We know we still have many opportunities to turn the tables around, “Casemiro continued. “They will lose the support from the home fans, and that will be a bit beneficial for us. However, the other factors remain. We know the difficulty is still for us, because Man City is a team. big ball “.

Casemiro has just renewed his contract with Real until the summer of 2023 a few months ago. However, when asked about the new contract, the Brazilian midfielder refused. He said: “This is not the time to talk about my new contract. All Real Madrid players now think about City 100%. We are at a disadvantage in terms of score.”

This season, on all fronts, Casemiro is the player with the second highest number of minutes in Real, behind only Karim Benzema. He is also the most stable player in the squad, alongside teammates such as Benzema and Toni Kroos. But to beat a strong opponent like Man City, Casemiro said that Real must rely on attacking players like Gareth Bale.

“This is not a peak period for Bale, but the team, the coaching staff and the whole team always support him,” Casemiro said. “Bale is a mutant-type player who proves it many times. He is capable of winning the match, and made a double in the Champions League final two years ago. To be honest, Bale is not is the best in the world but in one uplifting day, he’s still in the top 3 best on the planet “

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