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Case of 39 bodies in trucks in the UK: Prosecuting a Northern Ireland driver

Police investigating the scene found 39 bodies in containers in the Waterglade industrial park, Essex, England, October 23, 2019. Photo: THX / TTXVN

RTE said Harrison, 23, had been brought to court in Dublin to face 41 charges after being ordered by European arrest.

On the same day, British police said they were searching for two brothers from Northern Ireland, who were determined to be important to the police investigation.

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Subject Maurice Robinson, the driver of an internal truck discovered 39 bodies in Essex, England. Photo: The Sun / TTXVN

Earlier, on October 26, the Essex County police of England said, Maurice Robinson, 25, the driver of the truck inside discovered 39 bodies, charged with manslaughter. In addition, this person was charged with trafficking, violating regulations on immigration and money laundering. Robinson, who lives in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, will be put on trial in the Chelmsford court on October 28.

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