Car is distracted: Cause and the fastest way to handle it

Car is distracted: Cause and the fastest way to handle it

Steering wheel distraction is a fairly common phenomenon. Failure to find the cause early and handle it promptly will easily cause serious consequences.

What is driving wheel?

Steering wheel is when a car is tilted to the left or the car is tilted to the right. Steering wheel prevents the car from reaching balance at the wheels. The driver will have many difficulties in controlling the steering wheel so that the car will run at will. Steering wheel is one of the most common causes of car misalignment.

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Steering wheel is when a car is tilted to the left or the car is tilted to the right

Cause the car is distracted

The cause of the car’s steering distraction is mainly due to the incorrect wheel angle, deviation from the standard, causing the steering ruler to be deviated. This makes tire worn unevenly, often worn outside or inside edge. Leads to the vehicle with a tendency to lurch to one side, which is evident when the vehicle is moving at high speed. Even the car is distracted The steering wheel is deflected aside, steering wheel vibrates, slow return …

The cause of the vehicle’s distraction is mainly due to the incorrect wheel angle

It is worth noting that the car’s steering wheel is not a surprise phenomenon but is progressing over a long period of time. If you do not check regularly, it will be difficult to detect. In many cases, the steering wheel deflects the steering wheel, but the owner only adjusts the steering wheel without checking the cause, leading to heavier wear and tear on the tires.

In the process of using the vehicle, there will be many situations that cause the wheel angle to deviate from the standard such as: the car collides strongly on the side of the road, the car collides with a big pothole, the car collides heavily … No tire rotation, pressure check periodic tires… can also cause the wheel angle to be skewed.

Another cause of car distraction is when changing a tire or doing a wheel-related repair but the wheel angle is not adjusted.

In addition, the car’s distraction can also be caused by some parts in the steering wheel or the steering system being worn or degraded.

How to handle a car with distraction

The way to handle the car with distraction is car steering wheel alignment. This is a calibration technique that is the angle to place the wheel including the camber angle (wheel angle compared to the vertical axis), toe angle (wheel precision) and caster angle (steering wheel angle seen from the side of the car). When you adjust this wheel angle to the correct setting, the car will no longer be distracted.

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The way to handle a car with distraction is to calibrate the steering wheel

There are 2 ways to adjust the rulers: manual balance and specialized machine balance. Ruler alignment with machine is faster and with higher accuracy.

In case the tire is worn out badly, the tire should also be replaced. If the steering wheel has been calibrated, the tire is replaced, but then the vehicle continues to suffer from drifting, it may be due to the wear of the steering wheel or steering system details. For processing, it is necessary to check, detect and replace early.

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