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Although in previous articles, I have instructed a lot of articles that can help you Driver updates for the computer with many different ways, including work Offline and Online settings as well as the way Download the driver from the manufacturer.

I believe that the above articles can completely help you perform Driver updates for your computer easily and easily. However, in this article I still want to introduce you to another way that can help Install the Internet / Wifi network driver for computers is extremely easy.

The way I mention that is use 3DP NET software, a tool quite familiar to technical people that many new friends may not know. So what is 3DP NET and what features does it have, please refer to the section below.

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Download the latest 3DP NET tool
Why should 3DP NET be used to update Internet or Wifi drivers?
Instructions to use 3DP NET to install Internet / Wifi network driver
How do I know if my Internet / Wifi card has been updated?

Download the latest 3DP NET tool




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3DP Chip

Yen bridge

Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10




3DP Net

Why should 3DP NET be used to update Internet or Wifi drivers?

3DP Net

As I mentioned above, 3DP NET is a software used by many technical friends because it is very convenient. Whenever Install new Windows For any PC or laptop device, updating the first network driver will help you a lot in installing additional programs and downloading additional drivers.

One of the reasons why 3DP NET is so convenient that every technician uses to update network drivers is this Offline driver version. That's right, similar to the software like WanDriver good Driver Pack Solution 3DP NET will help you update your Internet or Wifi driver completely Offline. Let's take a look at the advantages of 3DP NET.

  • Quite modest capacity, only 100MB.
  • Automatically identify and install Internet Card / Wifi easily.
  • Support for the latest drivers for Computer Network Cards.
  • There is a Vietnamese interface support so it's easy to use.
  • No need for Internet to update Driver, completely install Offline.

Instructions to use 3DP NET to install Internet / Wifi network driver

Step 1: After downloading the software, open the file to extract it. By default, 3DP NET tool will unzip to the following path: C: 3DP Net xxx

3DP Net

If you want to change it, choose a different path on your computer.

Step 2: After decompression, the interface of the software appears. If No Vietnamese language yet, Please choose ABC symbol at the top right >> Select Vietnamese >> click OK, got it to save.

Step 3: If your computer does not have an Internet / Wifi network driver, click plus sign (+) then click on the Network Cards that appear to install one by one.

3DP Net

The next, you just press Next >> Next >> Finish to update for Network Driver only. It's simple, right!

3DP Net

How do I know if my Internet / Wifi card has been updated?

Quite simply, if you see below the Taskbar appears the Wifi icon or the Internet, then the Network Card has been updated successfully. Or you could Open the Run dialog box, enter the command below and then Enter.


3DP Net

If the icon interface appears as shown below, then the network driver has been updated successfully!


So you know how to use the 3DP NET tool to update network drivers, right? If you are a technical person or someone who loves repairing computers for people around, 3DP NET will be an indispensable tool in your kit.

In addition to the 3DP NET tool, there is another product that the same developer is 3DP CHIP – This software is also quite effective in finding online drivers for computers that you can refer to.

So, do you know 3DP NET software and which software do you use to update drivers for your PC or Laptop? Share with me in the comment section below!

Also, if your Internet or Wifi is flickering or faulty, then please Refer to this article you.

Good luck!



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