Can't install VietKey, what should I do?

Can’t install VietKey, what should I do?

Many users complain that they cannot install Vietkey on their computers without knowing the reason why? In this article, Taimienphi will help you understand the causes of this situation and offer quick fixes to install and use Vietkey as usual.

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Vietkey is a familiar free Vietnamese typing tool that many people use every day for work or personal purposes. This program is quite light, with a capacity of just over 500 KB when operating using negligible resources, so users trust and love it.

Can't delete what to do with vietkey

What to do when I cannot install VietKey?

However, when users install Vietkey for recent operating system versions, especially Windows Vista, an error occurs and the installation is not allowed.

The common cause of this error is because the Vietkey version you install is incompatible or supported for the operating system.

Fix the error of failing to install Vietkey on the computer

Actually, the error can not install Vietkey is not difficult to fix, the simplest way is to change the software version suitable for the operating system that you are using.

Interested users can download and install the latest Vietkey versions that have overcome many common errors in the link below.

Download Vietkey software here: Download Vietkey

Besides how to install other Vietkey versions for Windows, users can also use other Vietnamese typing tools with equivalent features to replace Unikey or Gotiengviet. These 2 tools are regularly updated and have high compatibility with most current versions of Windows. Surely these are good choices to replace Vietkey.
So Taimienphi helped answer the question: Can’t install VietKey, what should I do? Hopefully the answer that gives you satisfaction and fixes the error cannot install Vietkey on your computer. Also, if you have installed but cannot open it, please refer to the error correction article Can’t open Vietkey here.


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