Can’t believe my eyes, graphic technology is so advanced that I can’t distinguish between real people and virtual people

Unable to believe my eyes, the graphics technology was so high that it was impossible to distinguish between real people and virtual people - Photo 1.

At Epic Games Store Showcase 2021, Fortnite’s “father” gave a glimpse of MetaHuman Creator. This is a new browser-based application that allows game developers and 3D content creators to reduce the time it takes to design digital characters from weeks or months to less than an hour, while maintaining maintain the highest quality level.

MetaHuman Creator runs in the cloud through Pixel Unreal Engine Stream feature. In addition to speeding up the complex creative process of digital characters, it also allows teams to easily scale and create a variety of characters to meet the needs of the next generation or real platform. High-end virtual export.

Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator – Official Announcement Trailer

MetaHuman Creator allows users to easily create new characters through an intuitive workflow. They can be creative, meticulously tweaked, and produce the desired results. When modifications are made, MetaHuman Creator will incorporate real world examples in the library in a logical, unrestricted way.

For more information and to register to use this Epic Games tool, please visit here.

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