Canon Powershot GX5 II First Look

Canon Powershot GX5 II First Look

Introducing the brand new Canon Powershot G5X Mark II, a new, premium, compact camera from Canon with a 1 inch, 20.1MP sensor and a new, sleek design.

Design & Image

If you’re familiar with the mark 1 at all, you’ll be able to see straight away that it has had a total redesign. The mark 1 was more like a mini DSLR whereas with the mark ii, Canon have gone for a smaller, much more compact design, it’s nice and sleek and very much a pocket sized camera.

It has a 1 inch sensor which puts it in the premium category of compact cameras and it’s a 20.1MP sensor as well giving you nice, detailed pictures.

That’s paired with a 24-120mm lens giving you a 5x zoom. That’s a nice, versatile focal range allowing you to shoot wider at 24mm and get landscape shots and then punch in for portraits or close up shots.

It’s a pretty bright lens as well at f1.8 to 2.8 which helps with lowlight but also allows you to combine that with some of the longer focal lengths to get some nice out of focus areas, a nice blurred background.

Now despite having the same resolution as the previous model, it is a much faster readout and that has enabled Canon to include the new Raw Burst mode allowing you to shoot at 30fps.


When it comes to video, there’s been some nice improvements, it’s able to shoot uncropped 4K at up to 30fps and 1080p FullHD at up to 120fps for that buttery smooth slow motion. I couldn’t find any 24p video options which might not matter to a lot of people but it’s worth being aware of.

Build & Feel

In terms of design, as I mentioned before, it’s a much sleeker design moving away from the mini DSLR look of the mark 1. It does have a small but actually decent grip making it more comfortable to hold.

You’ve now got this pop up viewfinder which is pretty easy to use and I have to say, I was surprised by how nice it looked through the viewfinder.

It was a pretty bright day when we were shooting so I was mostly using this rather than the screen and it was nice and detailed. It’s a 2.3 Million dot viewfinder so small but detailed.

You’ve also got the tilting touch screen which tilts down if you want to shoot over a crowd or up and all the way over so you can actually see yourself for selfies and vlogging.

There’s no mic input in the camera so you’d have to either use the in camera microphone or an external mic with a sound recorder if you want to vlog with it.

Ultimately, this is a great compact camera with a lot of features built in, whether you want to be able to get great stills or take video, it’s got you covered with an impressive focal range and nice looking images.

You can see the full spec, description and price of the camera here. (Gareth Evans)

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